New BMI Whale Elite Power Cord

Anyone with any comments on this new cord? Seems to be a good deal with the initial 60% off offer from BMI (found on Audiogon). I am also considering Shunyata King Cobra (v1 or v2); and FIM Gold. Any comparisons?? Thanks in advance.
I cann't compare to those cords or to the Electraglide and NBS that I use in conjubction with the Whale. I can say the Whale is a great match for my amp or SACD player. For me they did a great job with this cord!
Thanks for the response. I have read some great reviews on SOME of these cords- but wouldn't it be great to find a review where they where ALL the big boys were included- i.e. Shunyata KC; FIM Gold; Fat Boy Electraglide; NBS; BMI Whale, etc. Oh well- guess I can hold on to THAT dream!
The biggest problem with comparing is that every piece of equipment reacts differently to every cord. My NBS Statement is not a good fit for my amp, but it's amazing on the SACD. The Whale has the same detail and smoothness as the NBS on the SACD but it does lack slightly in the depth and three dimension imaging of the NBS. But that's a $3000 cord vs. a $400 cord. The Whale is a steal. On my pre-amp the Fatboy sounds better than either NBS or Whale. You must try cords, and THEY MUST BE BROKEN IN!!!! This type of cord will require 200+ hours min.
Hey Sutts, how ya been? Your still looking for a PC I see. Have you had a chance to hear the FIM yet? Of all the PC you have mentioned, I still think the FIM is going to be very hard to beat. It works everywhere I have tried and in every component unlike some others. I have not had a chance to hear the Whale but was impressed with the Eel. Like Jadem6, I found the KC, Fatboy and some other PC work well in one component and not as well in another. Not so with the FIM. At least not yet. Wish I could give you some info on the Whale. I did spend 2 weeks with the Eel and from what I heard, the Whale would be worth investigating. Good luck in your search. Let me know what you end up with.
Let me start out by saying I have little experience with this cable. I've owned it for about 3 weeks and have been running it in for about 150-200 hours, but my system has been changing recently. What I can tell you is its the best PC I've tried(MIT z cord I & II, Tara RSC, Delta Labs power pro, BMI Eel & Majik). Huge soundstage, lots of depth, black background, big bottom end, refined but detailed. Not as laid back as Eel, and more transparent. It's frustrating having it on only one component at a time; I can hear the other cables "messing" things up. I'll try the Whale in two other systems and let you know.
Thanks guys- appreciate the responses. Hey Bruce- great to hear from you! Long time no speak. Glad ot hear the FIM is working out well. Haven't been able to audition it- as I may have told you, up here in Canada, we don't have such luxuries, and often have to committ to a cord from the U.S. WITHOUT EVEN HEARING IT FIRST (like I did with current Black Mamba). That is why I am still trying to gather as much info as I can from Audiogon posts, etc. Yah- it kinda sucks, esoecially when you;re putting out the kinda payola $$ these things cost. What do you think, for $400 U.S. (3 ft model), should I take a chance on the BMI Whale??
Hello all -

I took a chance on a Whale Elite - 6 foot - after a recommendation from another audiophile - TomP - on this site (he bought some IC cables from an ad I posted). TomP was very enthusiastic, and, when the time came, i bid and won an audiogon auction for about 425. + ship (intro price) about a month ago. The service from Brian at BMI was quick, and enthusiastic. The cable I rec'd was obviously carefully crafted and packaged.

***A note: though I have a high-end system, I've never spent over $200. on a power cable before (and given the time-frame I had to buy this time, I couldn't perform any comparisons to other more expensive PC's I've never owned e.g. to the Electraglides, etc. ).***

I used the BMI to replace my API ($175.00) PC to my pre-amp. The API was excellent for the money, but un-forgiving if any thing feeding my accurate all-tube VTL system was even slightly bright (I had a list of things I actually wrote down to check if i wasn't getting into the music (including speaker wires off floor, etc - that's how sensitive my system seemed to me). I find VTL eqpt can be lush, but never euphonic if tubed correctly.

OK, took a chance based on TomP's and my several conversations, won auction, sent $, rec'd cable promptly, and stuck it on pre-amp, and burned it in for 24 hours and decided to wait one month to submit a review.

I found this cable immediately added more detail to the upper regions (fleshed out considerably more subtle detail than the API) - sounding extremely detailed and more open than i'd experienced up to that time, yet creamy smooth, but not boring (like some cables i've matched with my Yamamura IC's). Base lept up a big notch - was deeper, tighter with a firm grip on sub-woofers. Ever since I noticed bad amp input tubes last year that distorted my Bass - i noticed an interesting phenomenon - bass from my subs could not go anywhere as deep as possible because of the rumbling of the woofers as they fought the distortion - much wasted energy. The cleaner and highest quality natual signal, the better. And that's what the Whale has provided me, envigorating the subs, allowing the preamp to provide a cleaner, deeper, more realistic signal for bass (and everything else) than they'd ever had. More mid-base info as well. Everything sounded more natural - 'live'.

I'm a rocker and listen to jazz and some classical as well. The whale PC improved the natural nature of my system - moving the bar forward in timbral accuracy, lower sound floor, etc (I can actually hear a little more tube buzz with all the new info coming through - time to check them).

Though cliche - I'd have to say that I now understand why people pay over $500 and on up for what we all used to think of as merely powercords. And, though i can't say, i'll bet these compete well at their retail price of $1200+.

Note: I found the Wattagate outlets from The Cable Co. also moved my system a huge notch forward when i upgraded my outlets last year.

I always been of the synergy camp - stretch and buy the best quality and best matched system I can afford, then tweak/upgrade the HELL out of it! ( and in the margins, this includes IC and PC cables as new, less expensive technology comes out). For every medium and high-current draw device I have, I'll buy a Whale (but CD player, DVD, etc. remain with the MIT Z-Cord II's PC's - great value $, $85-90 used, great digital filtering. I've always loved MIT for their great value, ever since someone threw in some PC-squared's with my first (used) high - end speaker purchase).

Anyway, I have to say the BMI Whales get my highest recommendation - some of the other PC's i've used also include the original Marigo RMX Gen 2's on my amps - have been great, but am looking to now replace with the Whales.

As a bonus, I'd have to say I do love buying high-quality eqpt. from anyone who is as friendly and enthusiastic about their business as Brian at BMI. TomP, I thank ye.

I recommend auditioning these against other PC's up to at least 1500.00 (it'd be great if someone gets this chance and can post).
I agree with you Gregdavis. I am a Whale(s) owner and can give a very high recommendation. I placed mine on my Krell
KSA-250 amp and the other on KBL preamp. Everything was improved accross the board. Tighter bass, detail, imaging, soundstage and natural sound of the recording. I'd like to get two more for my digital front end in the near future. That's if I get the approval from Judge Wife.
Update to my previous post -GregDavis

Hello All -

After purchasing two more Whale Elite PC's for my VTL amps, I have to say I'm even further impressed by these well made power cords. Out came my old Marigo PC's - very respectable - and in went the Whales, and though i heard immediate benefits, I always like to wait a month or so to review for complete burn-in.

First - astonishing thing - to me this time around - my amps stopped buzzing - light humming i could hear even after warm up(i kept thinking that the amps were burning up signal tubes very quickly or some such thing before this upgrade, though VTLs are notoriously quiet for tube amps). I thought this low level humming was just something i had to live with (rarely got in the way of the music, but still...), but no. No humming, yet more detail retrieval and information from my system.

The system's noise floor dropped again, and more transparency and detail throughout all the frequency ranges (more of what was revealed using a Whale on my pre-amp - see prev post).

These PC's truly set a solid foundation for the rest of your system's cabling allowing the synergy (or not - if you find you have to make adjustments in other areas) to shine through. My next venture in cabling will probably be to audition recent speaker cabling designs for a possible upgrade.

Again, service from Brian at BMI was impeccable, and quality of the cables is evident immediately upon un-packing them.

Tremendous value, my hat's off.
Well, it's finally time for my user review of the BMI Whale Elite PC's. I don't know if I will be able to add any more insight into the product not already covered in Greg's very nice review (posted above) but, here goes. I received two of the PC's on 04/15/01. The PC's now have 800+ hours of use each and are used primarily on a DAC and player, though they have also been tested on two different amplifiers and in a system powered by both SS and tube (SET) amps (for audition purposes). To save time and space my main system can be viewed in the Virtual Systems Section and is listed under "SET Hide Away System" (for those interested in the whole picture) and the additional SS amp used was a Musical Fidelity X-A1 integrated amp which operates predominantly in Class A at my regular listening levels and which also has its power supply (not a wall wart:-) contained in a separate chassis (nice little amp on the cheap). PC's on hand for A/B comparison were Harmonic Tech Pro 11's, Stealth HAC and the Absolute PC's. Other PC's used prior in the system have been the PowerBurst (Silver Audio), though the older version, Mapleshade PC's and a Sidewinder that was on loan (I preferred the HT Pro 11's and the Stealth in this system which is why they were on hand at the beginning of the auditions - the Absolute PC's were added at a later date).

First impression right off the bat (out of the box and not broken in) was that of much more bass than anything that I had tried before. There was also a fullness (roundness) to notes, throughout the musical spectrum that was nice, but overall things were a bit loose in the low end and somewhat cloudy overall. I also tried one PC, to start (on the DAC) and then added the second PC to the player which did not double these sound qualities, but which did increase them substantially (two was better than one). From here they went to the computer and a second system to run in for 200 hours.

200 HOURS LATER: One PC went back on the DAC and the same thing (almost) with a much more substantial low end than the HT Pro 11. However this time the bass and mid-bass were tight and articulate, but still with enough bloom to sound very natural on string bass, drums and pipe organ. I had been a bit concerned (out of the box) that the PC's might be too bass heavy and out of balance for my system, but due to the low end tightening up along with the added fullness (roundness) that the PC offered in the frequencies on up, the sound was very well balanced indeed. Then on with the second PC (to the player) and the sound once again improved. In regard to the fullness that I speak of, it is not a soft and mushy sound, but is one of fine detail and full dynamics while still maintaining smoothness (HF's are extended and detailed but still smooth and silky, yet with enough bite when needed for brass instruments). Quite a balancing act, I would say. By "roundness," I mean that not only the front of a note is audible but also the sides and back as it rests in space/air in front of the speakers (very 3D sounding and I wonder if this may be partially due to the reduced background noise offered up by the BMI's)? OK, right now those of you with SET experience may be thinking that this is "just" the effect of the 300B based SET amp. Not so, as this is in "addition" to the sound of the SET, plus this improvement in depth and "3Dness" (I don't claim to have a way with words) is also very evident with the SS amp that I used as well for the auditions. With the other PC's that I have used this was never all available in a single PC. The Stealth and the PowerBurst offered fine detail, but were not as full and smooth as I would have liked. The HT Pro 11 was very smooth, but did not offer the dynamics and detail of the other two PC's and none of them ever came close to achieving the low frequency information or the 3d effect that I am now getting from the BMI Whales. This added low frequency information is "almost" as if I have switched to full range floor standing speakers when in reality I still use stand mounted monitors. This is something that has to be heard to believed as I am still amazed when I switch out the BMI's with my previous PC's. As far as the 3D sound that I am now getting from the BMI's, the only cord that I have yet to try that offers this is the $50 Absolute cord, though not nearly to the extent to that of the BMI's, it is still there, and because of this it is the PC that I use to fill in where I cannot at this time afford better PC's as they do not seem to detract from this illusion of music in space as opposed to music coming from a pair of speakers. I know that this sounds like an odd partnership, but this is what works in my system. Within the next few months another member and myself will be exchanging our FIM Gold and BMI cords (one each) for comparison purposes and along with these will be auditioning a new all silver PC from Vantage Audio, UK, so there is more fun to come.

To sum it all up:

*Full bass response (expected of a high end PC), yet a balanced overall sound.
*Full sounding yet fast and detailed.
*3D sounding.
*Smooth and extended HF's, yet with enough bite for brass.
*Very low in background noise which helps free the sound from the speakers.
*At the introductory price, I consider it to be a great value (steal) considering the improvement to be had over the $200 PC's that I have tried.
i tried whale but fatboy is much better for my preamp.
I'll bet you a big hit at the Friar's Club as well.
Mr. Kocatassak. Quick question, when did you try a WHALE? I do not have you in the BMI records for owning a WHALE. No there are no samples floating around either. Are you related to a Mr. Coconut?? Just curious on your statement??

Thank you

One last thing Mr. Kocatassak (with the bogus e-mail and non-member status). WHALE owners will have a feedback from BMI. Hmmmmmm , I don't see one.

Thank you

Have not heard the Whale. Pops loaned me the Eel and I preferred the Eel to the Fatboy on CDP and pre amp. I would imagine the Whale to be a better performer than the Eel. Just another point of view.
Ask anyone who actually owns it, They are worth every penny paid. I'm on my third one, and am ordering two more!
I second that Statman. I have 3-Whales myself and they do a heck of a job improving my system. I started of with one, and was impressed. Then a second and a third.

I put in a review of the Whale and comparison to the Big boys. I sold off the Big Boys and currently have 3-Whales and a Cobra. I couldn't be happier with the results.
where can we buy whale cable?
I think you can only purchased them currently on Audiogon auction or look under Audiogon classified ads Cable/Power section for contact info to call Brian directly. I contacted Brian @ BMI and purchased mine directly. Just type in BMI on the first "search" page of Audiogon and it will take you to the advertisement.
I currently have two FIM's one on my amp and the other on the preamp, they are great but I think to stiff for my front end so I have Ensemble Megaflux there.
Do you think the Whale would better my Ensemble Megaflux on my DAC/Transport.
Hey guys. Geez- almost forgot I had started this thread way back in February! Great to see their are still responses.

Dekay- in the words of 'Bill & Ted (remember the movie? ) "a most excellent review". Seriously though- the Whale sounds great- definitely for my SS high-current Theta amp.

Only question though is will I use them on the other system (300B SET 7-watt amps). The reason I say this is that I use the 300B SET's for highs only in a bi-amp system, and the bass qualities are really not an issue... However, if the mids/highs of this cord are up there with the very best ON AMPS in particular, then I'm in. Later!

As an owner of several Whales in my reference system I have to say they do a great job. The improvements are amazing in the dynamics, soundstage and bass control. A very natural sounding cable without harshness or coloration.

Don't just take my advice listen to the other audiophiles with Whales installed in there audio system.