New Bluetooth Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC III W

My audio guy is ordering this for his fix-it guy tomorrow and I’m thinking about getting one. It’s so new that I’m not having luck finding reviews but I love that it has Bluetooth so I don’t have to run a cable from my iMac across a doorway (though there is a metal trim transition strip that wouldn’t make it stick out so much…I don’t think I can hide it underneath). My amp is a Cary SLI 80 Signature with KT 120s if that matters. Any opinions on this model or other suggestions?
Sorry, I just can't resist.

Ghost-pepper, is this new DAC hot ?
Hilarious. It LOOKS hot.
I have a fusion pre/dac that I purchased from morrow in may. For the money I think its a great all in one solution. Although I do not use the blue tooth capabilities my wife does and loves the ease if it. I purchased it because I had to simplify my system due to a move in a smaller house. Originally in had planned to get a BMC PureDac but Mike talked me in to the Jolida for less money.

Previously I had an Exemplar xd1 along with a TAD 150 tube PRE. I also tried an NAD M51. I feel the Jolida more than competes with my DAC and separate preamp and is as good as the NAD albeit a bit warmer (I found the NAD to be a tad bright). Detail freaks might shy away from this preamp but I love the warm musical presentation.

The rest of my system is a class d audio SDS 470c, soindfield audio m1, morrow sp4 speaoer cables and morrow interconnects power cord is pangea and tubes are tungsol.
I have an integrated amp so I don’t need the Fusion but I looked at reviews for the FX III without Bluetooth and I just ordered the one with. It’s at a good price level for me since I’m a vinyl girl but I’ll probably upgrade the tubes after talking to my audio guy and reading some talk in forums. I found out you can cut the wire to the blue LEDs and bam, no blue…maybe that will interest you. Thanks for your input!
Right i was just saying that the jolida dacs are good for the money and I'm sure the fusion and the glass are pretty much the same sans a few options. I should have clarified. Btw i have looked at your threads and I will say you have great taste in music. Enjoy your new setup!
Yep, you can clip the leads to the LEDs and eliminate the bright blue glow.

I have a Jolida FX10 integrated, love the amp, hated the LEDs. I first tried painting them with dark red fingernail polish, something I've done on quite a few components. It helped, but not enough. Taking the bottom plate off the amp and clipping all the leads was a ten minute job and it's pretty obvious what you need to do once you're inside, at least on the integrated.
I have a first generation Glass FX tube DAC. For the money it is a pretty decent DAC. That being said, I have it at Jolida twice in the 2 1/2 years that I've had it. Once for a hum issue and once for a dead channel due to a cold solder joint. Jolida customer service is great. I would like to upgrade to a Glass FX III but I'm still waiting to hear more reviews on them. I do not intend to get the Bluetooth model as I use mine in conjunction with a Wadia 170i transport.