New blues CD that I love

Hello All,

Just wanted to share with you a new blues CD I got yesterday. It is from CAFE R&B and it is entitled "Black and White". The whole CD is great.. It is a Fantastic audio recording. The band is very tight and the lead singer has a great voice. Check it out.

Dan (age53)

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Music priority at this time:
1.) Blues
2.) Rock
3.) Jazz
4.) Country
5.) Classical
nice - got it - thanks!
Appreciate the recommendation. Thanks.
i have heard some of the new buddy guy cd. great. but i like everything he has ever done. especially the cd sweet tea from a few yrs back

I love Buddy guy and have a lot of his music... I always go back to him... He is hard to beat..

Thanks Dan just ordered it.
Cool stuff! Buddy just played down the street from me, polka dot Stratocaster and all! I much appreciate these musical suggestion threads.....cause how much can one say about booze, pants, and oil?
Hi Dan, Thanks for the heads-up on this group. I just received "Blues and all the rest" and promptly ordered "Black and White" and "Live". Fantastic!

Glad you liked it. I was able to see them live last weekend in a very small venue. . They were a heck of a good time. Everyone in the place was either standing or dancing all night long. Lots of fun...