New Blue Note XRCDs

Just got the Blue Note XRCDs: Horace Parlin - Speakin My Piece, Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin, Tina Brooks - True Blue. The music stands on its own and is outstanding. These are some of the best sounding disks that I own! Anyone have them and care to comment?
Rsorren1, I'm in total agreement with your postion regarding both the music and the sonics of these new Blue Note XRCD's. I got the Hank Mobley, Soul Station, to compare the sonics with the regular Red Book issue and was amazed in the improvements across the board sonicly. I'm looking forward getting, when they issue them, Lee Morgan's, Candy, and Horace Silver's Cape Verdan Blues.
Rsorrenl - Agree that the music is great (have Sonny Clark, Tina Brooks, Hank Mobley, all on standard Red Book), but as far as the playback quality, did you compare these to the standard Red Book?
I'd specifically like to know how they compare to the RVG remasters.
Guy's, I thought my post answered your questions regarding how the XRCD's compare sonicly to regular red book and RVG masters. The XRCD's are significantly better then either format by a wide margin. Everything from clarity, timbres, soundstage/air, and microdynamics improve greattly.
Teajay is correct. That is what I hear too. I purposely did not buy the Hank Mobley CD since I already have it as a RVG remaster. I'm ordering the XRCD today. One thing I will add about the RVG remasters: the later set are MUCH better than the earlier ones. I've noticed that the RVG CDs that have "EMI" on the CD spine are later releases and sound much better than earlier ones. However, no contest compared to these XRCDs.
Hank Mobley, Soul Station is outstanding. I'm listening to Cool Struttin right now and its good, but its not any better than the vinyl.

And of course, it has that damned RVG underwater piano.
Grimace - PERFECT description! "Damned RVG underwater piano". Listen to RVG remasters like Art Blakey "Moanin". Underwater piano. Lee Morgan "Candy" is a later RVG remaster with the red "EMI" label on the spine. Better but still not up to the level of these latest XRCDs.
Horace Parlan, Speaking My Piece is excellent too.

The only late 50s/early 60s Blue Note I know of, in any format, where the piano sounds more or less natural is Blue Trane, and even there its not great. Try the 45RPM vinyl. That is one GOOD recording. I can't wait until they get to that one on XRCD.
Has anyone compared the XRCD version of "Cool Struttin" with the Classic Records 24/96 DVD-A version??