New blog post on the Fritz Carrera Rev 7 BE

Hi, Gang,

I just posted a new set of listening impressions of the Fritz Carrera Rev 7 BE monitor on my audio blog. 

I enjoyed the read rebbi.  How do you like these Fritz compared to the Spatial Audios and which ones are you keeping?
I think that the Spatial M4's are quite wonderful and I'll be posting a full review soon. I didn’t purchase the Fritz Carrera's - Fritz sent them along to get some feedback with the 300B SET. I'm still in the midst of my 60 day trial from Spatial but I think they'll be keepers!
Hi Reb.

The Fritz are quite a bit more than Spatial aren't they?

 Yes, indeed! They are several times the price of the Spatial M4 (which I love and will be posting about soon). Actually, the Fritz Carrera's are over my budget, which is one reason that I was so grateful that Fritz wanted to send them along for an evaluation. :-)
I'll be looking forward to the review of the Spatial.  Something a little different there at an interesting price point.
Two of the nicest guys in the audio business are Clayton Shaw and Fritz.  I have the Spatial M4's and they may end my quest for the ultimate speaker at anywhere near its price point.  They are my first OB speaker and I thought I would never upgrade from my Linkwitz LXmini's, which are astounding speakers, but lack a certain visceral impact and upgrading to a better 4 channel amp would be pricey.  The M4's, powered with a 5wpc tube amp, are just stunning, like no speaker I have ever owed.  I have heard Fritz speakers at audio shows and they are also excellent and very fairly priced.  I wanted floorstanding speaker so went with the M4's.  Both give a money-back guaranty if you are not happy so you can't go wrong hearing both of them. 

 Agreed and agreed! The Spatial's are quite wonderful and to this day continue to relax and sound even more musical and open. I am also running mine, as you may know, with a low-power tube amplifier and the results are stunning. Now that they have well over 100 hours on them, I did a little more fine-tuning of the positioning and the results have been terrific.

I didn't see the price for the Fritz speakers you so adroitly reviewed.  My M4's have about the  same number of hours and once they hit 50 hours, they really started to bloom.  My tube muse, Don Sachs, is going to build a KT66-based amp for me to drive them.  These are the first OB speakers I have had and they really open up with a tube amp.  Fritz goes at speaker design rather differently than Clayton, but both make excellent sounding speakers for a fair price.  "Cheap and cheerful", that is the way I roll.