New Berning SET ZOTL prototype.

I have just negotiated a collaboration with David Berning to make a custom prototype amp for my system. Due to a backlog of orders, he may not start on it for some time. It will be a Choke-Loaded, Single-Ended Triode ZOTL using Type 45 output tubes. The power supply will be battery powered. Power output will be 2 watts into 8 ohms. The 45's can slightly outperform even the vaunted 300B in the critical midrange, although 300B's provide more power and overall guts. With my new Lowthers, this 2 watts will get me very close to "live" listening volume levels in my living room. Especially in the near-field. My 1 watt Berning MicroZOTL comes close, but falls a touch short on symphonic crescendos. Just imagine, a super-high performance SET with the ZOTL advantages of transformer-like impedance matching, and the crystal clarity of OTL! And no "bass bloat", or high-end rolloff. Zero feedback, pure Class A SET ZOTL, choke loading, point-to-point wiring, ultra-pure battery power, hand made by David Berning himself. I think that I must be dreaming, but don't wake me up! How about that, guys? Would you like to hear some reviews on this one? It may be awhile before I get it, like I said, because he has a backlog. I can hardly wait!
Good luck, I'm sure it will meet your expectations!
Congrats! I've been dreaming of getting a ZH270 for a year now and just don't have the money. I love the idea of transparency, power, and smoothness.

My speakers are Hammer Dynamics Super-12's (97dB, 8 ohm), so I really don't need that much power. It has a low-excursion, 12" single-driver with with a supertweeter fot >10kHz.

Every once in a while, one of his amps comes up for sale here used for around $2.5k. One of these days I might just make the jump.
Of course "we" would like to read your review of the the SET ZOTL. Also, I'm curious to find out if two watts is enough power for your Voigt/Lowther pipes. I once considered Mr. Berning's Siegfried 300b, but was not convinced it was enough power for my speakers (97db, 14 ohms, as it turned out 8 watts was not enough). Mr. Berning told me that the Siegfried would actually lower its output into higher impedences, which is the opposite of conventional 300b designs. The Z270 worked okay, but I think its forte is in driving lower impedences.

Sorry to ask, but how much is it going to cost? Perhaps, as a lower cost alternative, Mr. Berninig can add a couple of tubes to the Micro ZOTL and increase the output to 2 watts for the more budget conscious. Just a thought.
That sounds like an incredible amplifier! Coming from Berning, I'm sure it will be nothing short of breathtaking. Please keep us informed :)