New belt for Michell Gyro SE?

Recently, I read somewhere that there is a new "clear" belt available for the Gyro models that is a decent upgrade over the black rubber belt. Does anyone know about this or know where I can purchase one?
Heard about this also but have not investigated. Artech Electronics distributes Michell. You could e-mail them; they've responded quickly in the past to any inquiries I had.
Have not heard of this update and I would be interested if you find it and try it. Also are you using the QC power supply? If so how do you like it? Is it worth the $$$$$$? Thanks
I checked the Artech website today and there are MkII versions of the Gyro SE and Orbe as well as the QC supply. They did not give any info as to the improvements but the price of the Gyro SE MkII has increased by $200. I would be interested to know what is going on. Michell generally offers upgrade kits whenever they make improvements. Also, Music Direct is selling the QC supply Mk I for $750 which is $150 off. Still rather pricey to me but getting into the realm of reason.
I sent an e-mail to Artech to see if they know about the new belt. Also, I just bought my Gyro SE and it is designated the "II" version but I don't know what has changed (not the belt, apparently). Additionally,I have the standard power supply and would be interested in trying the upgrade supply and in comments from those that have upgraded.
Hi, I would like to know what arm everyone is using with their Gyro SE??? And to what result. I am using an Origin Live RB250 and am quite satisfied with one exception: The adjustments on the arm are quite crude and tough to work with. thanks
Par3nl, I'm also using the OL RB250. I have the optional threaded fitting for setting VTA, which seems like a very solid mounting, but is a pain to actually adjust.
Plato, I also have the threaded adjuster and I also had a machinist make some spacers a bit thicker to give a bit more latitude for adjustment. I am using the Dynavector Karat 17-2 MKII and have been pleased with the performance. I have been considering a better cartridge such as a Lyra or a Koetsu. My consideration is whether or not the OL250 with its limitations will do justice to the cartridge. Mark at OL told me that he mounted a Koetsu and it worked great, do you have any thoughts about it?? BTW have you found out any more about the new belt. Have you considered the OL DC motor mod? Best Regards
i am wery happy w/the o-l modded rb250 on my oracle; also pleased w/the o-l dc motor mod which i installed. i see no reason why a spendy cartridge won't work yust fine on the o-l mod arm, as it is supposed to be superior to both the stock *and* o-l-modded rb900. i currently have mounted a lo-output ortofon mc25-fl, but have a lyra clavis, rebuilt by vandenhul for symphonic-line, that i've been meaning to install. truth be known, the ortofon sounds so nice that i'm in no rush to remove it. i also wanted to get used to the o-l mods before i go ahead & change out the cartridge.
Par3n1 I have heard that the Koetsu does not sound that great on the Michell table and that the sound gets really laid back and somewhat soporific. I use a Benz-Micro M2 which sounds really great, although I don't think it was a significant step up from the far less expensive Benz-Micro silver I was using earlier. I know that both Ortofon and Dynavector cartridges go really well with the Gyro Se.
As for the QC power supply, I made the plunge recently and feel it is a worthwhile investment. However, I also upgraded the clamp and applied the denso damp, which is half the cost of the QC, and feel that it is a better investment that the QC. I would definitely go that route before changing the power supply.
I have not heard of a new belt. Artceh sells directly. Send them an email.
The new factory belt is slightly different in the crossection than the belt that came on my 10 year old SE unit. Avoid non-factory replacement belts.