New Beatles HELP on DVD

This may be old news but the Beatles movie from 1965 "HELP!" is now on DVD and has been totally restored and remastered. They did an excellent job on both the video and audio. I just rented it over the weekend. Don't miss this if you are a fan. Disc 2 has interviews with some of the original actors and the company that restored and remastered it from the original films. If you have a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, you'll be blown out when you hear the songs come on (I Need You, Help, You're Gonna Lose that Girl, etc).
I've posted this before with no response from anyone. Just wondering who, whether me, or the remaining alive Beatles/management, will croak first before proper recordings ( Hi-rez, mono, sacd/dvd) will be done of their catalog ? Gee, the Stones did it. Dylan did it. Even the Kinks did it. I think all of us will be gone before they will do it, WHY?
I know what you mean exactly. When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee? I just purchased a remaster of a Jackson Browne CD (Late for the Sky) from the 1970's and what a difference. Like night and day !! Beatles CD's sell all of the time so the remasters would just sell even better. Must be reason.
I think the reason why the catalogue has not been re-mastered in the high-resolution formats is because the Lennon-McCartney songs are owned by Michael Jackson and SONY/ATV Music. There are probably a lot of legal ramifications with EMI and the Beatles royalties.

It sucks because having the Beatles catalogue available in high-resolution format would "legitimise" and popularise the now niche market.