New Beatle's Remasters

According to a few posters on AA, the first 4 Beatle albums are coming out remastered to 24/96 in a boxed set.
This of course has been long overdue.
I know what the wife and kids are getting me for Christmas!
me too!
Does anybody know if these are going to be a rehash of the original British releases, or are they going to remaster the North American releases too ( Beatles 65, Something New, Beatles VI, etc.)
They are the first 4 American Beatle LPS, Meet The Beatles, The Beatles Second Album, Something New and Beatles 65.
Yup, someone has the rights to these songs and they have re-re-re-released them in every possible form.
The Masters are going to be used. You will hear the Mono versions as intended, and the Stereo versions that were mixed for the States. The Mono is the way the Beatles recorded most of there music...beleive it or not.

24/96 , does that mean they will be released in SACD or DVD-A?
I bought a Japanese XRCD2 on ebay from a seller in Hongkong,,A 2 cd set with ,Abby Road,and many more songs,it sounds very good!But there is several drop outs ,so i will have to send it back for a replacement,,too bad as it does sound much better than the older cds i have !
Nice site and lots of info..
hurray...but I want Abbey Road, Revolver, Rubber Soul and Sgt Pepper. by the way thanks to someone in audiogon whose name/ID I am ashamed to have forgotten pointed out to me some remastered versions in JPN...not hi -rex but sure does beat the old orginal and other redbook prints. check out would love to have high rez, preferably in hybird SACD!
Hi Ray, I think you'll find that the Beatles disc is a bootleg. I bought a 2 CD Radiohead disc from a seller in Hong Kong, great packaging and rather good sound. But upon examination some of the titles were misspelled, and songs that should have run into each other had gaps between them. The buyer had claimed that the disc was HDCD and DSD mastered, but I suspect it was an elaborate compilation put together in a computer and maximized using some mastering software.
Spiritualized,I kinda suspected ,,when i saw there was something like 30 songs on 1 cd,,mispelled words too!Your right ,,they did a good job packaging,if it didnt have the dropouts id be happy with it!Thanks