New Bamboo Speakers Feedback

Hi Guys, I spent the last year in Vietnam working with local coiled bamboo craftsmen to create a Bluetooth speaker from this amazing handicraft, I’m really happy with the end result but wanted some feedback from you guys before I launch it. See pics in link below. Thanks in advance, Bruno.
Please post the photos on a link that we can view (such as on Flickr) without having to download a zip.  Can't be too careful these days...
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@lak & @marktomaras haha good point!
Thanks for the correction!

I like the concept of the speakers from a visual and aesthetic perspective. What is missing is a picture of the back (terminals? Bluetooth?), specs and any kind of descriptive terms of what they sound like. Given the lack of any such information, all I can say is that "they look nice". ...That said, it's not enough to make me look further or ask more.

In other words: Nice pics, but I'd need specifics regardless of if I was a collage kid or an adult looking to outfit the covered porch of a beach house...
Great looking speakers but like said, a back shot would be nice.
@vicweast & @nonoise  here's an image of the back: They have Bluetooth and Aux connection, theres also a Potentiometer on the back.

There's 2 different sizes of speaker the big ones specs are as follows:
- 2 way speaker 
- 5" medium bass driver : 4 Ohm
- 0.5" tweeter: 8 Ohm
- frequency responce 50 - 20,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
- 28cm diameter hand made coiled bamboo shell

The smaller speaker specs:
- 3" full range driver : 8 Ohm
- bass reflex design
- frequency responce 60 - 17,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
- 21cm diameter hand made coiled bamboo shell

Both sizes will also be sold as passive speakers for those of you with your own amp :)
They look cool, but will be for a specific target audience of course.  Some people like earthy, hand crafted style, some people prefer high tech looking design like the latest bose sound link models or items from Sonos.

I can see them doing well in places like Urban Outfitters, and for the collegiate crowd.  Obviously, they have to perform well!  If they don't sound as good as a Sonos Play 5, that would be an issue. 

Are they self amplified?
I have HK Onyx Studio 2 Bluetooth speaker (powered/active of course, about 12"diameter) and it is the bees knees for ~$150 on Amazon. Very nice sound and build quality.   Multiple front and rear passive radiators provide very good bass for the size and cost but sound overall is just a touch warm, clear and an inviting listen.

So from the rear shot provided these might be similar in form and size. How much? Any comparison to the HK possible?

Did you hear about the new speakers made out of hydraulic pressed whole wheat?

Reviews have been very positive except that they can sound a bit grainy at times...
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06-10-2016 1:25pm
"Did you hear about the new speakers made out of hydraulic pressed whole wheat?

Reviews have been very positive except that they can sound a bit grainy at times..."

they're raving about the organic sound. They're using a special sandwich construction.

I loved Image #10, using pen and paper- how quaint. Just kidding...
They look nice, but how do they sound? Dealers in the US?
I think the whole concept is nice. From the layered rings of wood to the old fashioned looking fabric speaker grills, it exudes a '70s kind of vibe that would fit in most decors from modern to bauhaus and most everything in between. 
A well executed concept, in my eyes.

All the best,
It is a nice concept.  
The 'orb' shape should be nice acoustically, no standing waves.  If the interior cu. in. can be matched up to the drivers, there's possibilities there.  I'm surprised they're not ported, which would make sense for such a small object.  Most small bookshelf units are...

I'm trying to be Positive, y'all.  After all the jokes about 'monkey coffins', and the strange variations that some of the speakers we know and love/lust over, a new variant can at least elicit a *S*  And it's not aimed at 'us' (*ahem*)'s already Bluetoothed (or will be) so there's the market.

Besides...bamboo is pretty impressive.  When laminated, it acts like a hardwood closer to maple.  I have some thick samples in my shop that if you don't pre-drill a hole into it, it snaps screws like twigs.  Bamboo arches, pound for pound, approach steel in it's exhibited qualities.

You want a dense cabinet?  Try a bamboo laminate.  And obviously you can shape it into something other than a ball...

These appear to be  acoustic suspension.  You may want to do more with the back pressure. i.e.  a tuned port.  Am I missing something?  You may want to look at Nohr  speakers for additional design features.  Are these internally braced or damped in some way, or are you fairly certain about any resonance issues.

In the end there is only one real parameter that matters if all else -connectivity, durability and safety, are assured  and that is....

How do they sound?

Esp. in comparison with competing products.

Mechans, I, too, asked Bruno for information on the sound, as well as dealers, but he seems to have disappeared.

Hi Guys, apologies for my absence, been a busy weekend! We’re launching a kickstarter this evening for the product, I’ll post the link when it’s live :) I’ll start from the top,

really good point by @marktomaras they’re definitely not going to be for everyone! The biggest thing for us is that every single Hazang speaker cabinet is entirely hand made and takes several weeks to create, from plant to product. The whole process requires very few tools, just the careful eye, and attention of its skilled creator. There is a local man, woman, and family whose lives are enriched thanks to this craftsmanship. It’s because they’re not mass produced in plastic by a factory somewhere and they carry a story that people will buy them. Along with great sound of course!

@mapman I can’t say i’ve ever heard the HK’s but the sound quality of the speakers is really strong, as @asvjerry pointed out, due to the shape of the Hazang it has really great natural acoustics and we’ve dedicated a lot of time to testing different internal electronic components to ensure the sound quality is on a par with the design price point is looking like it’ll be starting at €195.

@gdnrbob Hopefully the above helps answer your question, and no US dealers yet, we’re launching a Kickstarter later this evening, i’ll post the link when it goes live.

@asvjerry You’re spot on with what you’ve said, the smaller speaker is ported, we call it bass reflex, the bigger one is large enough to not need this. Bamboo is a beautiful wood, all our speaker cabinets are handmade as i said to marktomaras above so they actually use a natural varnish on the wood.

I hope that answers everyones questions, anything else just let me know :)

Campaign is now live! Check it out here:

Let me know your thoughts!
Prices seem okay, maybe a little high for an item that you can't audition.
Is there anyway to send out review samples, so we can judge for ourselves?
Interesting...I had thought this thread had been taken down.  Perhaps reinstated?  No matter...

Bruno, good luck with the KS foray, hope the niche finds you and the product irresistible. *G*

I have own campaign of a sort...*S*
I just realized that you hadn't said who are you sourcing the
drivers from ?  It appears that your only concern is the cabinet.  Yes that is what makes them special from the visual perspective and possibly important resonance control, but the drivers and your crossovers not tp mention the other electronics should be considered with equal deep concern.  If they look great but sound like crap I think you'll sell a few pairs to interior designers perhaps but no uudio lovers will bother with them.  So what drivers are you using? (not just sizes etc, )