New B&W Nautilus Speakers??

Hi everyone!

I am curious if anyone has heard about B&W introducing new versions of their current Nautilus Speakers later this year. I am not referring to the Prestige range which has the new �Signature� 800, 805, HTM1 etc.

I have heard of two new Nautilus Subwoofers that are reportedly due in the next three months. They are the ASW 800 and the ASW 850,

Where did you get this info from ? I have the N801 and was think about upgrading to N800 but after hearing I still like the the low end better in the N801.My dealer said he had not heard of any upgrades.
I know for sure about the new Nautilus Subwoofers and have a copy of the specifications. As for updates to the remainder of the line, there was a post stating this on another forum. However, I felt that with the high-end expertise and knowledge on this forum, we might be able find out for sure on the other speakers in the Nautilus line.
Wow, isn't the Internet wonderful? Search and you shall find. Thanks to your model numbers, I found these two pictures:

Looks like Signature subs to me. Enjoy!
Has anyone actually heard the Signature 805?

Where? I can't fond them even to listen to. . .

I just bought a pair of Signature 805. So far, the mileage is only 19 hours. comparing to Nautilus 805, Signature 805 are obviously more coherent, more continuous, airier, much more low-level details. It makes my CD-transport and DAC combo have sonic advantage I only experienced on analog system. But I wouldn't think it's an analog-like coloration. Just closer to real performance. I expect to hear more improvement since my Nautilus 805 were taken a year to broken in. According to my observation from the appearance, there is something improved but not specified at B&W's web site.
The Signature is a total re-design to the standard 805. The mid-bass driver has a copper-plated pole piece to lower inductance, thus necessitating a bigger magnet to make up for the increased magnetic gap, and benefitting with more control of the driver. The resin used to control kevlar stiffness has been looked at as well. Distortion is down 60% to 0.15%.

The tweeter is identical to that used in the Signature 800 and is 6dB down at 50kHz. The pole piece is silver-plated to also reduce distortion, the coil former is shorter and lighter, and they've improved the crown structure. Hifi News claims a huge improvement over the standard Nautilus unit: far greater range, smooter yet more detailed, and far more refined.

The crossover uses a distortion-free air-core (formerly iron-core) inductor with Caddock resistors: they took an entire year to decide on those. The cross is up from 3kHz to 4kHz, so the tweeter's not being driven as hard at the bottom of its passband.

"Superb integration and incredibly refined", "a landmark product", and "the best B&W we've heard" are some of the reviewer's comments. And they look damn sexy!

Poorguy, what's your amplifier?
CARY 300SE Signatures.
The difference of appearance I noticed maybe due to different resins.
Here they are with this link.

Enjoy :-)