New B&W Nautilus 804 questions... HELP!

Hi. Got a new pair of Nautilus 804 in natural cherry yesterday, and has anyone else out there had to remove those tiny plastic pegs from the banana connectors on the back? I've spent hours and can't get them out! Can someone help me out here? Any words of advice? Needlenose pliers can get any grip on them to pull them out... how can I hook them up? Also, how long should I wait before turning up the volume on them - any special precautions? They sound AWESOME, by the way... Thanks all
Had the same problem with my N802. B&W does that so they can ship internationally. If there far enough out you can use needle nose pliers. I used a small picture nail and tapped in into the plastic and then carfully pulled it out. Almost like pulling the cork out of a wine bottle. Good luck.
I used a Tap/Die set on my B&W's. They come out really easy with them. Another thing to try is to take a small drill bit, drill a hole in the center of the plug, turn a small screw into the hole, and pull the screw back out.
Just use a small slot screw drive. Stick it in on the side deep enough, and then pry it out...It's not hard. Yes, 804s are great sounding. I just sold my pair to upgrade to the 802... But 804s are really great speakers
I have N801's and do not personally care for the fact that the binding posts are shrouded in the clear (I think it's polycarbonate) in the first place. WBT does sell the posts that we have minus the plastic on the outside. The plastic can be completely dissolved (very carefully) with a (solvent moistened Q-tip). It will crack and literally fall off. The plastic adds some capacitance to the post. I already have silver ribbon/air dielectric speaker cable to start with. I removed the plastic altogether. Looks better too!