New B speaker question

This is my first post here, so please bear with my audio ignorance.I have looked at all the systems in the gallery and must say this is an inredible site.I , however, am not in that deep.....yet.I currently have a Carver CT-7 pre and a Carver TFM 24 amp (225 [email protected] 8 ohms), Both I purchased new when I was in the Army in '91.I just purchased a Marantz CD5001 cd player.My current speaks are Infinity SS 2004 with speaker wire that may have been an old extension cord in a previous life.I don't want to say my wires are bad, but my wife thought they were the lamp cord and tried to unplug them.I'm looking for something in the 1-1.5k range for a speaker.I've seriously considered Paradigm Studio 40 v3/v4 for speakers.I'm only 7' from my speaks, back wall is 20' behind me,(upstairs loft)and pretty wide on both sides.These will be 2 channel only, no HT.I listen to mainly classic rock(Zeppelin,Floyd), alternative (Radiohead,U2), newer rock (Tool, Perfect Circle) and occasionally Motown.Never any classical or country and very little Jazz.Any advice is appreciated.
the paradigms are very solid.
I have been very impressed with the Triangle Celius and next model down, forget which. They rock, they have good detail w/o being lean or analytical and they have good rhythm and bass. Paradigms are good but can be a bit etched with some equipment. never heard your pre & amp so hard to comment further.

mostly rock...

PSB Stratus Gold (used) ... great value, rough edges
Energy Veritas 2.3/2.4 (used)... placement can be an issue
Dunlavy SC3 (orphan)... gentle sd tweeter

Quick glance at 'gon listings had Newforms and VMPS stand out near your range (I like ribbons).