New B&K Amp Blows Circuit

The dealer just delivered a new B&K 200w/5 channel amp to my house. The first one blew the circuit breaker on the line several times and then blew its own fuse. The factor sent a new one but insisted I install a new dedicated 20amp line. Even with a dedicated line, the new amp blows the 20a breaker on power up. Has anybody heard of this?
You might have other loads on your line and this is a possible reason for the breaker tripping. A dedicated line would definately be in order. Did you install a dedicated line? Did anyone mention it might be better to put in a 30a. line? What does B&K recommend? If they say a 20a would be enough and the problem persists then it must be something w/the amp or your wiring. I personally would install a 30a dedicated line, but I do not know the specifics on your amp. Just my opinion, Bill.
What load is the amp under. B and K Amps are high current design. And if the load is too low it will tend to keep pumping power until it runs out. When you say you have a dedicated line did you consider the total main capability and the remaining house loads aside from the amp. Have you checked voltage and amprobe the load to this circuit before it trips???