new AVR ? or revamp

Hello guys, this is my first day registered here and been a viewer for about a week. There is lots of hardware and configurations that seem very complex from where I thought I was at.

My Home Theatre Room 70% Movies 25% Games 5% TV

TV Samsung HL-S6187W
AVR Yamaha RX-V730

Scientific Atlantic 8300 PVR
Microsoft XBOX 360
Sony Playstation 3

I'm looking to upgrade parts of my system (AVR) and I'm not sure if I should look into learning about all the different components. Should I stick with an AVR or get stand alone devices. my budget in mind would be a MAX of 1800CAD for AVR or amp/processor. I want be able to upgrade other components in the future with out needing to replace this device (if that makes sense)

Looking for input on devices, brands

Thanks everyone
Maybe someone can correct me but I think I found an alright setup.

Amp Emotiva UPA-7

Pre/Pro Integra 9.9

Do these work well together? am I missing something obvious? the specs on the Emotiva seem outstanding for the price. whats the catch?

Thank's for everyones help so far.. I'll check back soon.
I'd prioritize a speaker upgrade and go with a receiver. I honestly don't see 7.1 HDMI becoming outdated anytime soon since there isn't even that much 7.1 media out yet. And when it does get outdated a receiver is still less expensive to replace than a pre/pro.

If those are the latest Titan's you have I'd look for five or six more on the used market. IMO 7.1 with room correction benefits greatly from matching speakers. The Titans offer 93 dB sensitivity with one dynamic driver to push which lowers your amplifiers load considerably. Even with the Sony sub you don't need floor standing speakers and all the current they require.

Your choice in a pre/pro is very nice but a balanced speaker system will provide better sound quality for your dollar at this point. With more and more content filling all seven channels I'm not a fan of any linear solid state amp that depends on a small transformer to drive 700-900 watts at theater like levels. My first choice in a receiver would be a used Pioneer SC-05 with an efficient class D amplifier section. My SC-07 simply out classes my previous Integra receiver. System wise the next upgrade would be a real sub like a small Velodyne DD or a JL.
First upgrade the sub. You can add an Emotiva xpa5 and use the recvr as a prepro. This will kick things up to whole new level. You will be all giggles. I suggest Svs, Hsu, Ed, or Epik subs. Get the most you can afford. A good sub will never go out of style. You will upgrade everything thing else and the sub will still be in the rig. Shop here for a killer deal on a clean prev owned sub. What ya' waitin' for? Btw...your choices are nice and would make for a great platform from which to build on. How about the amp for now and get a killer sub. You will not regret it.