NEW Avid Diva in Black with Cork top

Has anyone seen the new Avid Diva Turntable? They just redid the old Diva and the new one is all black with a cork top and a record clamp very similar to their top turntable.

Here is a quote from their site under "NEW":
"After several years in production the existing Diva turntable is to be replaced with a new model.
Will be available in either Black or Silver finish, similar to the Volvere.
Using the same subchassis as the Volvere and Sequel as a platform,
this also has the same sapphire/tungsten inverted bearing like our other models.

UK Retail cost should be £1000 plus arm/cartridge.
Available from the end of March. "
Do you know if the parts will be interchangable with the old Diva? I have a Diva and might want to replace the silver spring covers with the new balck ones?