New AV system help please

I am putting together a new AV system for my living room. My plans are to acquire a 65" Panasonic plasma TV, blu-ray, preamp, amp and I already have speakers (Klipsch Cornwalls). Do I need anything else? I am a musician and am only familiar with old gear so I need some guidance on how to make the two work together. This will be a stereo not a surround system. Firstly, can I hook the bluray to an analog preamp or do I need a type of preamp I may not be aware of? This seems to be the spot where old meets the new. Music playback is very important to me as well as television. I am really flying blind here. All help is much appreciated.
If your preamp has only analog inputs, then you will need a Blu Ray that has analog outputs. Analog outputs are a weak spot for Blu Rays the feature them (many do not) as they tend not to put a lot of quality into analog outputs.
You could also get a DAC that will accept the digital out from the Blu Ray and then connect to your preamp with via the DAC analogue outs.
I would upgrade the wall outlet for sure, maybe a PS audio power port premium, also, invest in a very good line conditioner. Maybe a Richard Gray 400 or 600... It will be a great investment to help with the picture quality for sure... Also protection... Good luck..