New Aurender Software Released on March 5th, 2018

Aurender System SW 4(5).11.36 / App Released on March 5 2018

* New Features

  • MQA Core Decoder license can be purchased from within Aurender Conductor.
    After purchase, MQA Core Decoder can be enabled/disabled by user. License not necessary for A10 since it is MQA full-decode compliant.
    Core Decoder license not supported on S10.
  • TIDAL MQA Search
    Now you can search MQA albums with keyword.
  • Support for Merging Technology NADAC and RAVENNA compatible DAC.
    When using RAVENNA support, USB output will be disabled (currently in beta stage).


* Improvements and bug fixes

Update to SAMBA supporting SMBv2 for security reasons and with improved connectivity.

Now front panel display will indicate name of internet radio station when playing.

Fixed HDD icon. Sometimes not indicating when HDD is spinning on N10, S10 and W20.

Improved Internet radio compatibility

Fixed instance when app cannot delete specific internet radio station from Favorites.

Now Playback Control section expands when Queue view is expanded.

Improved DSD file compatibility.

Now display of HiRes logo for Qobuz HiRes albums.

Improved compatibility with specific DAC's

Fixed minor bugs and improved overall stability.

NOTE-1:  You have to DELETE the current Aurender Conductor App and re-install the new Conductor App from the Apple Store.   YES, this means DELETE the old App and re-install the new Conductor App.  

NOTE-2: The cost for the MQA Core Decoder license is $54.99. 

NOTE-2:  Please see their web site for Aurender A10 options.

Thanks for posting. I have just purchased my MQA license and absolutely loving the sampling rate of 88.1kHz or 96kHz.

Kudos to Aurender for this upgrade at a bargain price of $49.99 plus taxes.
Aurender Customer Support reports “We are working on an auto-update feature that will eliminate the need for customers to manually delete and reinstall the Aurender Conductor App”.  This is great news.
I updated my Aurender N10 to the new software and purchased the MQA license. The entire upgrade took about 10 minutes including the N10 and Conductor App (delete and re-install).

On the Conductor App, go to Settings and select Purchase MQA License. The cost will be charged to your iTunes Account. The purchase process is very fast.

And, yes, the sound quality on MQA albums are improved. I am listening now. And, I really like the MQA search feature. A huge improvement for finding MQA albums.

Please note this.  For me, after I purchased the MQA License, I had to delete the Conductor App and re-install it.  My friend reports he did not have to do this. 

In any case, after you purchase the MQA license, go Settings and enable MQA Unfolding.   If the words “enable MQA unfolding” are not there, it means you have to delete the Conductor App and re-install the App.  
Thank you lalitk for telling me about this new Aurender feature that I was not aware of. 

After the addition of the new Master Search feature (from the above new software release), Tidal on my Aurender now shows 10,346 MQA coded albums. If you do NOT see this many albums, delete your existing Conductor App and re-download the App from App Store.   This means delete the current Conductor App and re-install it.

You press the Master Seach tab and the long list of MQA coded albums appear.   
ANOTHER NEW RELEASE:  Aurender App Released on March 12th, 2018.

* New Features
" Qobuz and Internet Radio are now available in Spain.  

* Bug fix
* Connectivity issues under specific conditions corrected. 
Aurender New Software Release Note
System SW 4(5).11.49 / App 2.9.6 Released on April 6, 2018

Changes from 4(5).11.36
* Bug fix & improvements

- Fixed MQA core decoding gapless playback from TIDAL.
- Fixed MQA decoding status was not properly updated.
- Fixed internet radio change takes too long.
- Fixed HDD icon overlap with Dual Wire/Clock information for W20. - Improved stability of streaming to Aurender.
    Now users can disable this feature.
- Improved connectivity and stability for copying files to/from    Aurender.
- Improved not to remove USB folder filter while updating contents information.
- Improved DAC compatibility.

Please see:

Above Aurender upgrade completed. I was not able to immediately connect to my Aurender.  I Removed the App from iPad and re-installed. Weird. It is possible I could not connect because the software was still updating.  I also noticed a message my iPad was disconnected from my Wi-Fi during the upgrade (makes sense).  Playing music now. Everything is working fine.
With all these updates is it possible at all to install Roon and use on any Aurender product specifically a w20.
I ask this because I’m basically sold on Roon and HQ player combo and my dealer would let me borrow one to try and compare to what I presently have.

The Lumin products such as the U1 is capable of this.


To my knowledge, Aurender does not support Roon interface. Aurender units W10, N10, A10 and N100 are only operable by its proprietary Conductor app, which is very good, IMHO. 

Thank’s for the info,I have no experience with any Aurender product but I do believe I will take my dealer up on the loan for demo purposes the W20 model.

Like I always say only one true way to find out.