New AudioTechnica moving coils SF2-thru 7??

I saw on ebay a few ads for a new line of Audio Technica moving coil cartridges called S-7 or SF-7. I believe there is also an SF-5 and SF-2 that being the least expensive. I cannot find any information about this product,least of all a review. The SF-7 is about $400 retail and can be had for $250.00. Does anyone have one of the above models, or some info or opinion about the sound quality..... and tonearm interface.

PLease note:, Output is very low at 0.33mV.
Can you provide a link to the E-Bay ad? I looked, (even under completed and sold listings) and didn't see anything.
You may be thinking of the AT-F7.
SKF, you are right about the model number. I will try to send MOfi the link if I can do it. If not just punch up

"Audio Technica moving coil phono cartridges" That page will show several MCs by AT There is both an AT-F7 and AT-F3 (or possibly a AT F-2) Thanks guys.

My computer expert claims AG may be blocking the "shorter version" of this link

Hope you can get it to work