New Audioquest cables vs. Old?

It seems that the old Audioquest line (Midnight, Clear, Lapis, Diamond) are very popular on the used market. I have also read criticism of the new line, especially the speaker cable. I can't remember which magazine, but I read an audio mag. review of an amplifier, where the reviewer used AQ Granite speaker cables, & his opinion of them was pretty mediocre.

Audioquest is highly touting their new "Perfect Surface Copper" as sounding better than any conductor, including silver, that they used in the past. But unless you go to their very expensive stuff, you don't get the 12, 14, or 16 conductors per cable that you got in the old speaker cables. I have heard audiophiles say the old cables were more neutral, powerful, & wide range than the new. But why the hell do we need THAT much copper for good sound? Pick up a Transparent or MIT cable, & although very thick, they weigh nothing because they don't have this quantity of copper. Anyone have experience with the old & the new Audioquest?
This response may be a little off-subject, but I refuse to buy the new line because there is entirely too much cost differential. I currently own Green, Type 2, Type 6, Indigo, and Argent speaker cables. I think that Argent is the best bang for the buck in the entire lineup.
Yes I am the best . . . oh you were refering to the cable. :) But seriously, I agree that the Audioquest new stuff is extremely overpriced. The one exception is their new Coral. Not a bad price, pretty good sound. I personally own the old Lapis interconnects, and I think this stuff is some of the best. I use Emerald and Opal for my home theater. I must say, you've never heard a subwoofer until you plug it in with some Emerald (I tried it as a test one day and I just couldn't take it off, so DON'T do it unless you can afford to leave it there). I also use some of the old Sterling for speaker cable in the audio system. Great stuff, the silver and copper combo. I bought it all new, on major discount from the store because they were bringing in the new Audioquest stuff. My advice, stick with the old stuff, Lapis, Emerald and Sterling speaker cable if you can get it.
Lapis, Emerald, Ruby & Diamond are some of the best cables EVER made & difficult to find.It's THAT simple. Buy them up while you can!
Thanks a lot Kevsiek. You were supposed to keep your mouth shut until I finished tracking down enough of the original Lapis and Emerald to complete the IC's in my system. In fact, I am impatiently waiting for delivery of another pair of Emeralds that I purchased recently. Still need two more one meter pairs and a two meter pair (so that I can bypass the crossover and play my CLS's without the subs on occasion). Argent... you are living large.
I thought this thread would elicit more response. C'mon Audioquest owners, where are you? I'd like to hear from those who don't like Audioquest as well.
Kev, I think those in the know are laying low. The good, older stuff is hard enough to come by these days.

Thanks to you starting this thread I'm a bit closer to my goal as two members have been kind enough to contact me off-line and make deals for IC's. Thanks, I owe you one. Maybe two.
I have ordered a test pair of Caldera's to compare them to my Harmonic Technology Pro 11's. I will post again when I have broken them in and testing is complete. Dale
Carl eber wrote a lengthy, detailed, and very valuable review of the AQ Diamond X3 with references to new AQ products and posted here at audiogon and at another audio site.