New Audioquest cables equivalent to Audioquest to the old ones

My question what cables from the new line of Audioquest cables are comparable to dragon, sterling speaker cables, and diamond interconnect. Right now I have the Yukon ic which I really like.
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I’ll definitely report back once I’ve got the Fires. My slight fear is it may tip my system to be too detailed, but I’ll find out soon enough!

So the AudioQuest Fire XLR’s arrived this week. They took me a bit by surprise as the experience was very different to what I was expecting. When I previously demoed the Cheetah’s (my first experience with silver interconnects) there was a distinct change to the sonic signature, which initially sounded impressive but also introduced a colouration to the sound; they had a “sound” to them. I was expecting the fires to also shift the sound signature… but it didn’t. (I recall also moving from King Cobra to Colorado there was a distinct shift in timbre.)

What I got instead was surprising: greater warmth and perceived emotion from the music… the music just sounded more beautiful. The bass was full and rich. There was added detail, but none that called attention to itself. A surprising improvement to imaging and soundstage as well.

The improvements from the Fires become more apparent as you listen to them further across different genres of music. You need to give these guys a few hours of listening to appreciate what they bring. I guess they are allowing my source component (Simaudio Moon 390) to fully express its musicality.

Also my fear of the Fires pushing my B&W 804D3 speakers to become too analytical was unfounded. It did quite the opposite.

Thanks again to the good folks on this forum @mulveling and @eziggy for your guidance to help me choose. :)

I just have to add, I’ve been listening to the Fires this evening and I think I’ve understated how good they are in my last post. They are exceptional! They’ve lifted my system dramatically.