New audiophile looking for first speakers. HELP

Hey guys,
I am looking for a good pair of speakers for my first audiophile system. Right now I have a Stanton ST-150 table running through a Mackie mixer running into 2 Behringer Truth 8" studio monitors with a 10" KRK sub. I am looking to begin building my first audiophile system. I am mainly focusing on vinyl, and maybe get into cds later on. So far this is the equipment that I have decided on:
Mesa Boogie Baron Amp
Rogue Audio Metis Preamp

I will probably keep my turntable for a bit but, I have considered a Clearaudio emotion.

I have NO idea what speakers would be a good fit.

Mainly, I will be listening to aggressive metal ie. black/death metal. Also some electronica, rock, and classical stuff. Mainly aggressive stuff with pretty wide frequency ranges.
Please give me any suggestions possible. Thanks in advance guys.
last year you basically asked the same question, and in that time, have you had the time to audition some of the choices that were mentioned ?

I will probably get flac for saying this, and I am not saying that it cant be done, but finding speakers that will play that type of music and sound good is going to be hard.
Choose your speakers first, then the upstream electronics.
we need room size, where you can put the speakers in the room and budget.
For Death/heavy metal to sound good with tube amplification, look for higher efficiency speakers (90db or greater) with impedance ratings that do not dip much below 8 ohms.

BTW, I think your speaker choices will be limited by going with a tube amp. Mismatch amp and speakers and that music will likely drive you out of the room. Do it right, and you should be in for some nice head-banging!

I'd consider the option of a good Class D amp that is designed to work well with the tube pre-amp. Wyred 4 Sound would be a good place to start. Look for a SS amp with 50K or higher input impedance for the low end response you want for that music with a tube pre-amp.

If you go the Class D amp route, I would consider OHM Walsh speakers matched to your room size. A good SS Class D (Icepower) amp will drive almost any speaker out there today very well however!
@ Riley804 - I have not found anywhere that I can check anything out. I go to Chicago on a semi regular basis but Saturday Audio Exchange and there was a place called Hi Fi audio or something like that. The staff at both places were super rude and presumptuous.
Its not like I walked in with an ICP shirt (not that I like or own and of that) but I guess due to my age they just blew me off. Any other suggested places to try.

@ Unsound - Any suggested speakers?

@ Philjolet - I will measure the room tonight. It is NOT an ideal listening environment but its all I have. I know this will play a big part in the sound of the system (around 50%) but I can't control my room size.

Budget is less than 2k for the speakers at most if possible less than 1k for the pair.
Thanks for your help guys.
I second Mapman recommendation for class D amp. A lot of raw power and very clean presentation. Wyred 4 Sound is perhaps the best bang for the buck.
Zakmetal...if you have not purchased the Mesa Boogie amp or Rogue preamp yet, listen to Unsound, and choose the speakers first and then work your way back on electronics. There are plenty of speaker options that will let you rock out in the $1-2K range new and even more if you are willing to buy used, which clearly will allow you to go up the food chain. For metal/heavy rock, I would stick with floorstanders that have solid bass. Here's an initial list with retail price in parentheses for a new pair:

1. Paradigm Studio 60 v.5 ($2K)- Stereophile Class B
2. PSB Imagine T ($2K) - Stereophile Class B
3. Revel Concerta F12 ($1.5K) - Stereophile Class B (these speakers can rock)
4. Aperion Intimus 6T ($1.4K) - Stereophile Class C
5. B&W 684 ($1.1K) - Soundstage Reviewer's Choice Award
6. Dali Ikon 6 ($2K) - TAS Editors Choice Award
7. PSB Synchrony 2 ($3K) - TAS Editors Choice would have to buy this used

I tried to choose floorstanders that could go relatively low in frequency with not only deep but tight and punchy bass and good dynamics across the frequency spectrum. Read up. There are many more but this should be a good starting point. Try to see if you can listen to any of these and narrow down your preferences. As many folks have said, once you have narrowed down choice of speakers, you can make a more informed decision on amplification. If your budget on amplification is also in the $1-2K range, I would look at an integated amp to maximize price to performance. Hope this helps and good luck shopping.
Personally, I think those who like metal and heavy rock would best be served with a professional sound-reinforcement speaker such as a JBL Professional or EAW. They have huge bass and viceral impact. I don't think any high-end speaker in the price range of those speakers will give you what you want for that type of music.
You can go the JBL Professional route as Chayro suggests but they will not have solid audiophile mids and highs that the other speakers on the list above have. So if you want to check out jazz or classical or blues or whatever other type of music, I believe an audiophile speaker such as I tried to list above will shine with all kinds of music. My 2c worth.
I think that Chayro has it right, try some pro-type gear. I recently saw some Klipsch La Scala's on here that were the pro set up, with a Rogue integrated, that would rock your sox off!!
Cmalak has listed some good choices. I add to that some French floorstanding speakers from Triangle and Focal. Very efficient = loud.
Cmalak - I think your speaker choices are valid and perhaps with a big sub they might work. I've seen several heavy rock fans over the years attempt the transition to the high end only to be disappointed by the lack of power and impact. Appreciation of midrange purity comes later, IMO. Also, from what I can tell, there's not that much midrange purity to capture in heavy metal. Nothing against the genre, I just think it's the way it's produced and mastered.

In my younger days, I once had a system made up of two Barbetta keyboard amps with 15's and horns, coupled to two Yorkville powered subs and that thing was a gas. It could pin you to the wall when the drummer hit the kickdrum.
Chayro...I don't disagree at all. I was just suggesting that if he wants speakers that in addition to tuneful and dynamic bass can also deliver pristine mids and highs if and when he decides to move into other musical genres beyond metal/heavy rock. Not to mention deliver on solid soundstaging and imaging as well. I have never heard the JBLs so I should steer away from suggesting that they can't deliver on these traits. I wasn't arguing :-) merely pointing out the flexibility point in case the OPs musical interests strayed beyond heavy metal. I am sure the JBLs are a great rec for the OPs specific needs. Ofcourse there is no substitute than auditioning the speakers in person so hopefully the OP will have an opportunity to do so to start figuring out what sound appeals to him. All the best.
2nd for the Revel F12, or their excellent M20. If you can find a used Revel F30 it would be an excellent choice for you. The F30 should sell for about $1000 these days.
if your room is big enough these may work:

I do not have any personal experience or connection to these speakers I have just read good things and I am certain they would get loud enough for anyone!

ps when I asked you for room size I just meant a rough estimate is good enough, we need to know if it is cathederal size or a 10 x 10 den. The Legacys would work in a bigger room...
Check out the Cerwin Vega CLS 215. Designed by two well known audiophile speaker designers from NHT and Snell.

Two 15" woofers and very efficient. Your Mesa Baron has plenty of power. Excellent speaker for rock music.
Well, THANKS EVERYONE for all the recommendations. One thing that might be good to mention is that I also have a home recording studio. I have been thinking about upgrading to either a 2.1 Genelec set of monitors, or a nice pair of Adams. Would this be a good set up for audiophileish listing?

Also what is a good city with a lot of audiophile/hi fi stores?
Something in the ProAc line. Of course, purchased used on Audiogon. If you need new, purchase in the UK for a value purchase.
Perhaps the VMPS or Buggtussel lines might work for you.
I have a nice pair of Dynaudio 52SE/Stand4 + Sub20 that would do you well and not break the bank. Take a look in the For Sale section or do a search of Dynaudio. I have used thes with McIntosh equipment and they have erved me well. The upgrade bug bit me.

The requirement for great power but also finesse (death metal & classical) is a tough one within your budget constraints.

My suggestions are the Altec Model 14 and Model 19, and the JBL Model 4430 studio monitor. In my opinion any of these will significantly outperform their dollar-equivalent in new speakers for your application.

I would agree with Duke on the Altecs/JBLs. I have never put death metal through my Model 19s but they do the finesse thing well, and can, and do shake (literally, because it's a large post and beam construction) the house when I want to go loud. I would also agree with Chayro on the pro audio speakers (like, I guess, Duke's suggestion of the 4430s).
The 4430s aren't that easy to drive in the low frequencies with a tube amplifier.
Maybe a pair of snell CIV's or CV's would fit the bill;alot of good suggestions thus far;seems like a tough range of musicial genre to cover though;maybe Duke's recommendation is better.
Try finding a used pair of Green Mountain Europa, or the Europa Max (there is pair of the Max's for sale here... no affiliation).

They are marble casting, time aligned, front ported, with first order cross-overs. All around a great sounding budget/beginner speaker that you could live with for a very long time. If you need that extra head banging bass you can add a 12" sub to round them out a bit. Very musical and plays nicely with tubes.