New Audiomeca Mephisto 2 X cd player

Since I own the audiomeca Mephisto 2 transport and the Enkianthus DAC. I was wondering if there is a significant upgrade in sound with any of the newer versions
Hi Snook, Maybe this will provide you with some insight: e.html

I just recently purchased the Obsession II w/ the Enkianthus XII dac. I am running everything full balanced. Really great sounding. I can honestly say it's the first time I've heard my digital front end sound more pleasing than my analog rig.

Good luck with your homework and if you need any further info, give me a shout and we'll compare notes.
I auditioned the Mephisto II/Ekianthus II against the new Mephisto X/Ekianthus X in my home system 2 weeks ago.
Associated equipment was 2 Brystons 14BST/Bryston BP25 and PMC MB2/XBD wired by AFA cables.

The Mephisto X was first connected to the Enkianthus II. It difference was very apparent. The sound was less rolled off and was more analytical. There was a greater level of detail, the soundstage was wider, the separation greatly improved. The difference, I was told was from the improved CDM2.
Vocals had more body, the strings of a guitar was more detailed.
Next we connected the MephistoX to the Enkianthus X.
The result was a quieter background, tighter and controlled bass, mids and treble. In my opinion, the new transport yielded a bigger improvement than the new DAC.

I also received feedback from another audiophile who compared the Model X against the Audiomeca II and the Sony SACD SCD1 in his home system (Brystons and Eggleston speakers).
He told me that the new Audiomeca X bested or equalled the SCD1 in the bass and treble regions. (The Audiomeca II was not up to par against the SCDI).
Hi Buscis, thanks for taking the time in giving the website.
Your praise of your digital is exciting. Not too many find their digital better than their analog setup. Could you please describe your analog system? I have a friend who is interested in this same digital setup as yours. I doubt he thinks any digital format is the equal to a well setup analog system. Hope you prove him wrong. Hope you prove me wrong. Would very much like to know your analog system that you are comparing to your digital.
Thanks much. Looking forward to your comments.
just recieved the II.X UNBELEAVABLE. cHECK MY SYSTEM FOR DETAILS egglestonworks under all out assault
Brulee, when you get a chance, click on system under my user name. There is a description and pics. My analog rig is a VPI MK4 w/ a Rega RB900 arm (with VTA) along with Incognito wiring and a Grado Master cartridge. The Audiomeca is the first digital front end that stays right with it and actually betters it in many respects. The Anagram dacs are extremely smooth and quiet. I opted for a front loading player because of space limitations. It takes an awful lot for me to justify the kind of $$$ I spent on the Audiomeca gear. But, after using it for a couple of weeks before actually purchasing, it was an absolute "no brainer".
Thank you Buscis2 very much for taking the time to reply. I will click on your system now. I should have thought of that myself. Again, thanks much.
Is the 2x player better than the 2x separates?
"Better" Snook? I don't know about better. But from a theoretical and analytical design approach, a two box solution may have benefits over a one box. No matter how good your transport is, whether it be a transport or player, or, a top loader vs. front loader, it will generate mechanical vibrations. This condition is not always the fault of the transport itself.

Many times in the actual CD, the metallic wafer "sandwiched" between the plastic substrate, is not held to tight tolerances relative to each other. I am speaking in terms of concentricity. The metal portion in essence becomes an "eccentric". The results are an out of balance condition very similar to having a tire out of balance on your car.

This can be a very challenging condition to ANY type of transport mechanism. The major problem being transfer of transport vibration into the unit's chassis and ultimately, D/A-A/D circuit. Crystal oscillators (time clocks) in the DSP circuits, HATE externally induced vibrations. "JITTER". Audio designers focus heavily on addressing this problem. I personally feel the ultimate solution is two box. Needless to say, the transport can't vibrate what's not there. Bad enough you're already battling airborn and structure born vibrations in the listening environment.

Although, the two box can also be a double edged sword if the interconnect between the transport and D/A isn't up to snuff. Impedance level mismatches can, and will induce jitter. Fortunately, the Audiomeca gear provides true balanced connectors for digital throughput. In the case of 75 ohm connection (RCA), it is SO important to have a TRUE 75 ohm digital cable W/ TRUE 75 ohm connectors.

In regards to the Audiomeca "X" series updates, both the new Mephisto and the Enkianthus incorporate Anagram's/Analog Devices latest 24/192 Sharc upsampling based technology. You will absolutely hear a difference in sound quality, detail etc, between the newer "X" and the older gear.

One box vs. two box? Let your ears be your guide. But, I will almost bet you'll find the Audiomeca two box to be a little quieter, a little more detailed, with a much cleaner bottom end. Let us know what you find.
Hello Buscis2,

What is the best way you have found to isolate the separates from floor and airborn vibrations? Have you found any good methods?


Though not asked (and I hope you don't mind) I have the ekianthus and mephisto II on a custom built rack (1" mdf with sandfilled plinthes). I was amazed at the improvement of isolating the transport. I have tried the darumas but settled on the rollerblocks and svelte shelf and think it is probably better (but for the dollars darumas were quite acceptable). I did not find a big difference with the dac. Any questions drop me a note

Hi Avnut, I use an old fashioned method called "Nothing". Well, not exactly nothing. I always revert back to the common theory that vibrations will transfer from lower mass to higher mass. The cabinet which contains my equipment is constructed from solid teakwood. The complete cabinet weighs in at about 200lbs. empty. There is about 60lbs of turntable on the top surface and approx. an additional 100lbs of other gear weighing the thing down.

The cabinet sits low to the ground behind an overstuffed couch and behind the dispersion range of the speakers. The walls of my listening room are 5/8" sheetrock and are insulated using Owens-Corning #440 sound deadening insulation.

The Audiomeca gear, as you already know uses a three point support. The rear support being a cone type support that drains vibration from the chassis. Quite frankly, it works. The cumulative effect of all the aforementioned factors tend to help hold vibrations to a minimum.

Are there methods far superior to what I'm already using? Yes! But, coming from an engineering background I still subscribe to the theory; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I also truly feel that you can reach a point where you are simply draining too much from the chassis creating a "lean, dry" sound.

The system has a wonderful, smooth, analog kind of sound that I would prefer to leave alone. I can agree that different types of vibration control will have an effect on the sound of the system, for better or worse.
Thanks for the responses. I have learned that there are few,if any, absolutes in audio. By experimenting you can sometimes learn important things about your system and its individual components. In other words, sometimes I THINK I know what a component sounds like until I isolate it differently and then it sounds like I wanted it to in the first place.

Thanks for the info.


After reading this posts i feel happy and honoured to be a part of the Audiomeca "society" (i own the Kreatura CD Player). Enjoying Audiomeca is realy something special! Thanks to Pierre Lurne for making real such wonderfull Music "instruments"!

Best regards to all, may you have many happy and joyfull listening sessions with your Audiomeca's!
Has Anyone have try compare this cd player to Chord dac 64.
Just wonder, which one is better.