New Audiogon equipment search format.

This new equipment search format is awful! What in the world were you thinking?
Awful design.  Went from perfectly functional to unusable.

Who at Agon thought this was an improvement?  
Still waiting to post ads. It does not take long to just go back to the old system.  Please just do it. Why wait until you build this hybrid system allowing for both? Go back to the system we all want now and in the future, when the hybrid system is perfected and ready for prime time, add it. Please. 
Very bad, how stupid of them, it worked just fine before ..go to  the other version , this is very frustrating.
On what planet are peepholes better than full size ads? Sometimes, you scratch your head and ask yourself, “What we’re they thinking?” 
This is one of those times. If it isn’t fixed soon, I’ll be leaving. I can be patient for awhile!

Completely agree.
They should have changed back to,old system as soon as they found the backlash was overwhelming.
Longer they leave it the more damage they are causing.
I have already sold one item on audiomart that normally I would have placed on here.
And right now negotiating a price on an item to buy on audiomart that even though there is a comparable example here Agon,by sticking their head in the sand, do not deserve the sale. That’s unfortunate for the seller here but that’s all down to Agon management stubbornness.

A couple of clicks by it dept and this all could go away for now.