New Audiogon Categories?

Maybe I'm nuts (actually, quite a few people would delete the "maybe"), but did Audiogon add a couple of categories to the Quick Shop list? I just noticed the "Integrated" and "Classics" categories. Are they new? Kudos to Audiogon if they are; straight jacket for me if they're not.

Any other categories worth adding?
Just like that is great!
Thanks for heads up.

Maybe in the future they would add Automotive...
Yes they are New, I think? I just noticed Photogon has anyone had any experience on this site?
Those are new to me.
I'd kinda like to see a "Speaker Parts" category, as DIY speaker builders often have drivers, cabinets, horns, or crossover parts they'd like to sell (or buy). I've sold some stuf on E-bay that I'd have rather offered to Audiogoners.
Yeah...they are new...a short while ago there was a thread where people were posting what categories they wanted to see on AGon...I mentioned integrated amps as that is my thing and I think a few others did also...Audiogon jumped on it and within a very short time, the new categories were least I think the thread prompted it...anyways, they did a better job than I had expected.

Kudos to Audiogon....whoever you are...wherever you are...whatever you

I wouldn't mind an automotive section either. Maybe it could fall under an Etc category...the wine guys could chat wine, the car guys cars, etc. etc.

just my 2c

And how about a Computagon? I'm sure we could swap/sell computers and there hardware just as easily. I bet many of us have Windows expertise to share too. It would sure be easier to share info this way instead of contact Microsoft, Intuit, Roxio, etc!
Keep the site for Audio Equipment only !!!!!!......I don't want it to look like site for Circuit City !!!!!!
I'd like to see an "unclassified" category where you could ask anything you want.
There is a huge non-audio knowledge base among our esteemed members.
I don't want to impose in the audio only categories so I don't.
It would be nice to send out an S.O.S. when you're stumped for an answer or would just like to think out-loud...
I'd like to see a category titled "overpriced garbage" so that I could avoid the ads from fortune hunters.
I think that under the "cables" heading, instead of just listing "Interconnects", it should be broken down into analog and digital cables. I had e-mailed this suggstion in quite a long time ago and apparently they didn't think it was a good idea....
Viridian (LOL)-- your category is too big & would clog up the server.
Instead, I propose a category titled "value-for-money products". Way fewer contenders there!
I don't know why they don't add a "search-by-price-range" function for a given category. This would seem like a no-brainer but then again what do I know:-)
Z--Right on, how about breaking it down further to XLRs and digital cables? T'would ease searching considerably. And while we're at it, how about giving the forum moderator a day/year off? The site is free but forums are not? This is where a lot of us live and the censorship seems overt. We report, 'they' decide? Short of flames everything should be on the table. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong~

There is great chaos under the sun and the situation is excellent.
Great ideas. A "Non-Audio" section, separating the types of cables and adding a "Parts" section all make a lot of sense -- as do the price range searches. The "Non-Audio" threads could be separated out so as to not appear on the list of audio threads. Keep the ideas coming -- you know Audiogon is responsive ;-)

P.S. Thanks for helping confirm my sanity in this context!