New Audio Technica AT33EV Cart

I noticed today that NeedleDr is listing a new AT cartridge as 'coming soon'. Anyone have any solid info on this, or maybe seen an advance review?
Looks like another in the 33 family. I see that the cantilever material is tapered duralumin instead of boron in 33PTG, output is less and the impedance 10 Ohm is lower. You can already buy it from various Japanese sources.
For more information go here.

The fanciest version of this cart series is probably this one.
How would the AT series differ from the OC9 that I'm using now?
I have the AT33EV. I've not used the OC9. The AT33EV is a very nice cartridge.
I am currently using it and I describe it's performance in details right here, on my music blog, check it out: