New audio refinement integrated?

There is rumor of Audio Refinement introducing a 150 wpc integrated. A big brother to the Complete if you will. Anyone that went to CES know anything about this?
If they had a new Complete at CES I missed it. I was at the distributors pavillion and spoke to Y.B.Andre's son about the Passion Integre. There was a lot of YBA and Cambridge Audio gear on display there and some Audio Refinement.
Isn't that a power amp that's driven by their pre?
The Complete is still one amazing $1k integrated, IMO.
When the CES show was in the St Francis Hotel San Francisco last June I was told the upgrade to the AR Complete would be the alpha, and it would essentially be a 100 X 2 @ 8 ohms with some more borrowed technology from the YBA line. I also understand it will be introduced in the first quarter of 2004. Unfortunately, it will neither have a phono preamp nor a headphone out. I was told it would retail at $1500.00