New Audio Physic Virgo 5 ?

It seems that there is a new generation of the Virgo
with a newly designed HF driver. I thought I would start
a thread for anyone to chime in about it.
I simply got the feeling that the bass is to prominent. In a bigger romm than mine (14 x 19), they may work well though.
I heard them at CES at the Venetian, driven by Lindemann equipment, and they sounded great - very transparent, and the bass was not overpowering.

Perhaps it was the room, perhaps the equipment, but the Virgo Vs were an impressive offering.

My room is 16 x 18, so perhaps I should audition them here.
FWIW, I owned the Virgo 11 and loved them. I also found the bass a little boomy, but I used a pair of Sistrum 004 stands underneath. They are probably the best tweak I've ever encountered. They completely transformed the Virgos into something nimble and effortless. I 'upgraded' to Focal Diva Utopia be, but they weren't able to accomodate thet Sistrums, and somehow the sound, while different and having more bass extension was not as good as the Virgo II, which I now miss. Anyway, I recommend trying any Virgo with these stands underneath before passing judgment.

FYI, I have no ties to audio industry. Am just recommending what I feel is a great product.
Also the new Audio Physic SSC feet can improve the low frequency performance, as somebody else already discovered on the Scorpio in this forum. IMHO, the Virgo V is the best of the Virgo.