New Audio Note M2 Preamp

Does anyone have experience with the recently available and newly designed Audio Note M2 preamp?
I bought a DAC 2.1x Balanced 2 months ago and I'd be interested in this as well. Their website doesn't provide any significant info.
That M2 balanced looks a lot cheaper than the M3.
Looks also a bit empty inside too.
No balanced input , the name "balanced" comes from an XLR balanced output ( what's the use of it without any balanced circuit/input? )
Made in canada and with canadian transformers (no AN UK components inside).
They should therefore sound like the zero series rather than like the higher end M3/5/6... level 3 series.
Are you happy with your DAC2.1x ?
Thanks for the info. I was all set to get the AN M2 about a month ago but found out it didn't have HT pass-thru. My dealer recommended the VAC Standard Pre LE. I've had it only for a few days. The "pace" is a little slower(tubes?)than I'm used to but extension and detail is superior to the preamp section of my Lex-no surprise. I can trade it in for a Pass X2.5 if i'm not happy in a few weeks. I also have to get used to not having a display(a product of being a HT/SS guy). Remote fuctions are also quite limited.

I'm VERY happy with my DAC. One of my best purchases.
The pre amp does not uses parts provided by Peter of Audio Note. Jimbo, where did you get your information?
We have heard compared to M-3, M-5, M6.

They actually sound very close to as good as the older M-3. In fact it sounds incredibly good. Better than any pre I ahve heard for $3300. Lots of parts does not make a good premap. Good design does. It doesn't have tons of capacitors mertc because it is transformer coupled. Thus the ability to drive a balanced amplifier. It was not designed to be a balanced pre. That just happens to be a benefit of the coupling design.
It is designed after the hugely popular DAC 2 Balanced. It is spartan also.
In fact many of the Tranformer coupled (balanced DAC's) are made in Canada also. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? They also use parts privide by Peter of Audio Note. They worked together in the design and assembled in Canada. Mike Kerster formerly of Sonic Frontiers hand makes every unit.
Jose21 if you like your DAC you will love the M2. Whatever dealer sold it to you did you right.
I meant to say it does use parts provided by Peter of Audio Note. I guess I need to proof read
I have an M2 and loved the sound, and if you want to improve it you can roll the 6sn7 tubes for better ones and use tube dampening devices. It is a very musical preamp and was an definite improvement over using just my 47 Labs amps without a preamp.
Take a look inside one of the most highly thought of preamplifier lines made by Kondo (M7) and you won't find that many parts, either. It sounds very, very good. The M2 is a very good unit, too, and a terrific value for an older used one.