New audio interface driver causing terrible latency

First off, here's my setup: I have a Scarlett 2i2 1st Gen plugged into USB, the input of that going to FLstudio where I used Asio4All v2, outputting to VoiceMeeter, then to everything else like voice chat and other recording software.

My estimated latencies:
Directly to computer sound = ~16ms. Previously ~8.
FL studio Asio = ~21ms. Has stayed the same.
Asio4All = ~25ms. Previously ~11.
Listening with headphones directly in the Scarlett gives nearly no latency, but there's no way I know of to send that input to FLstudio, then output to VoiceMeeter.

It started when I updated the drivers for my Scarlett to try and fix a small bluescreen problem, and I noticed the driver I've downloaded is different; no longer with Scarlett in the name, just Focusrite USB Audio in everything.
I don't THINK I'm downloading the wrong driver, since I'm doing everything I've done to find it before: To Focusrite's website, downloads, select my product, download driver. However I do feel like I've re-downloaded my drivers before this time, after Focusrite USB says it updated, and got the right working one.

Another little detail that's weird is when I have Asio4All selected in FLstudio, Focusrite USB no longer shows as if it's receiving sound in my sound devices; no green bar appearing.

I have tried a different USB port, and a different cable.

Unfortunately it would take me a while to find my disc for the Scarlett to get older drivers, if I even still have it, or if I even got one.
Really sucks that Focusrite doesn't put up older drivers, if that's my problem.