New Audio Frontiers "Legend" integrated amplifier

Has anyone auditioned the New Audio Frontiers "Legend" integrated amplifier?
I listened to the NAF 845 Integrated amplifier and it is beautiful sounding. I like it better than the LAMM combo.
Thank you!
Jtinn, In what way is the NAF beautiful sounding? I have ordered a KR Audio Kronzilla SXI, but vacillated between that and the NAF 845 SE Special Edition Integrated. They are both carried by the same distributor, so it is possible to switch my order, especially if it looks like the Kronzilla will take a while to get here. I didn't have a chance to listen to either, but got a good deal on the KR and decided to go that route (about twice the power and have heard wonderful things about the KR amps), but the NAF is alluring.