New Audio Aero Capitole - Mid March

Has anyone seen or heard of specifics regarding the new Capitole that's going to be released in the US market sometime in mid-March?

Here's what I've heard: New verson of Anagram's 32/192 DAC, new and better transport, new aluminum chassis, no more front knobs /possibly better looking unit/ DSD pass thru.

If anyone has seen it, please let me know how. Like the knucklehead I can be, I've ordered one sight unseen.
As a dealer for Audio Aero,I also have not seen what it looks like.Even Global Marketing,the distributor has NO picture.In all honesty I do not believe we will really see it until the beginning of April.The first real look at it will prbably be at the Montreal show and then it will be released.Considering how good the recent model is,I can only hope it lives up to all the hype considering the 2k price increase.I wonder if this will put a hold on their all in one player.Somehow I suspect the looks may be very similar.
What do you mean by DSD pass through? Will it send out a DSD data stream so a DAC can process it? The only DSD DACs out there I know of are Accuphase and DCS. Will the Audio Aero do SACD internally?

I heard so much about these players I'm thinking about buying one now as well...
I can't answer the question about DSD pass through at this time. I was given this information, but really don't know how this will work until the unit is released.
As a dealer in Michigan I hope to preview the new Capitole in Montreal in two weeks. My understanding is they will be released soon after the show. I hear they sound better than the current version. Will spend time with the distributor and have as many details as possible on March 24.