New ATC SCM7 or 11 curved body

I was using ATC SCM7 pair . They were very good for the price and would like to continue with ATC only.

Has anyone heard the new ATC SCM7 or 11 with curved body and ATC's own designed tweeter. is the new tweeter making a real difference and ca we say the new ATC scm11 will be better speaker than old ATC scm19?
I can get ATC scm19 (old) almost at a price of new ATC SCM11.

eagerly awaiting for opinions please
I haven't heard the new smaller ATC's, but I had the opportunity to hear the new SCM40's at the recording Studio inside the Palm's hotel/casino.

They were hands down the best speakers I've ever had the pleasure of listening to in my 51 years on this planet (my time on other planets doesn't count).

Very revealing speakers, so therefore bad recordings soundÂ…bad. However, good recordings sound fantastic. Listened to a wide variety of music on formats from cd's to 24/192 digital files. Ridiculously good. Vinyl would be outstanding, is my guess.

I have a decent mid-fi setup, but I've heard top of the line Ushers driven by 1.2kW McIntosh amps (and all upstream gear top end McIntosh) and the ATCs, driven by a little ATC 100 wpc integrated amp/cd player sounded better. The new SCM40s look fabulous too (as do the 7's and 11's).

Put it this way, I'm trying to figure out how to get a pair of the 40's in my house. Going into the demo, I was 'meh'. My mind was changed.