New at Qobuz - no HiRes sound

Perhaps a stupid question: I am currently trying Qobuz Hi-Res coming from Tidal. I am using a node2 with external DAC Mark Levinson 30.5
I am controlling the node2 with my iPad using the BluOS controller.
Since starting Qobuz I noticed that some albums labelled "Hi-Res" do not play. I can play them using the Qobuz App on my iPad, though.


1. I was told for Tidal when not using the BluOS app but the Tidal App the music quality is limited to Bluetooth level. Is that correct for Qobuz too? At least that would explain why I can listen to these albums via the Qobuz App.

2. I never experienced problems with Hi-Res files on Tidal. Do I need to change settings (now at 96, not 192) via WiFi?

3. My Mark Levinson DAC is older technology. Could that be the reason? But then again: Never had an issue with Tidal.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Unless there has been some update to your Mark Levinson 30.5 DAC you don’t want to be sending it anything other than 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz data...

My guess is that Tidal had never sent above 96kHz if that...

BTW, as I understand it, Tidal HiFi/HiRez is 44.1kHz and MQA fully unfolded could be up to 96kHz in an MQA compliant DAC...
"Hi rez" on Tidal is 16/44.1 unless you have the MQA option through your streamer app or or it comes with your DAC.

Hi-rez on Qobuz is 24 bit 48 to 196k. The Levinson 30.5 has a 20-bit Ultra Analog DAC which cannot do 24 bit hi rez. I think that the 30.5 is okay with Tidal  because it's streaming 16/44.1
RTFM Mark Levinson 30.5 DAC page 10...

"In addition to the common 16 bit at either 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates used by digital sources such as CD and DAT, your No30.6 also supports the two channel 24-bit/96 kHz signal that was defined as part of the DVD-Video standard (and which will certainly be included as part of a larger DVD-Audio standard when the industry agrees to such a thing). As of the writing of this manual, such “24/96” material is just beginning to become available, and we expect availability to grow quickly over time.

In addition to true 24-bit capability, the No30.6 also incorporates High Definition Compatible Digital® decoding to take full advantage of the increased resolution available from HDCD-encoded 16-bit CDs. The High Definition Compatible Digital® format retains much of the reso- lution inherent in professional twenty bit recordings, by encoding this information more efficiently within the sixteen bit space available within the Compact Disc format."
Thank you for all your responses. Meanwhile I did more testing in trying to find a solution. Here is what I found:

If I play "Hi-Res" on Tidal, my Mark Levinson indicates a sampling rate of 48kHz on the display. Regular quality reads "44.1". So there must be a distinction between these two modes on Tidal.

I reset my node2 and re-configured it. Took me a while as this process is flawed, as far as I can tell. Anyway, I can play music from Qobuz, however some albums do not play at all (e.g. Pat Metheny, Bright size life). No matter what sampling rate I choose on Qobuz, even with "CD 44.1kHz" it does not play at all. And yes: I reset the apps to ensure that this sampling mode is on.  Other albums either show 44.1 or 48 on the Mark Levinson display. Does that mean that this record only plays on the higher resolutions?
If I use the analog output of the node2 and connect it to the pre-amp I can listen to this album. So that seems to confirm that this album (and probably others) will only play with DACs that accept such high sampling rate. I guess I am out of luck with my ML.

Any comments or suggestions?
I have a feeling your DAC has been generation gapped and cannot decode the hi Rez file formats coming from the Node. I have the exact same problem. Some HR files read while others do not. Sadly unless ML can provide a firmware update you are out of luck. I run an Emm Labs DCC2SE and I am going to replace it in the near future. The Cambridge audio DAC magic that I own decodes everything only because it is newer. This is the very big downside of digital audio. There is no future proofing. For my part the Denafrips Venus is high on my list of options as it has NOS as well as the capability to decode very high sampling rates. 

I could be wrong. But I think this is the most logical answer to your question. If you want to send a list of tracks I can try on my emm labs and if my DAC also can’t play then we will know the answer to your problem. Because the problem with mine is that it has been generation gapped.