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A friend of mine in Canada discovered a young man Peter Jack Rainbird on a beach playing self-taught on a one-string-missing guitar in a most amazing way. Long story short, friends got him into a studio, Peter has now completed a recording of his first CD “Unravel.” He laid down all 6 separate tracks for the album, playing for 45 minutes in one uninterrupted take, transitioning from one song to the next, without a single error or re-do. If you close your eyes, to his music you can imagine swimming with the whales in the ocean. You can check out his web site and view an 8 minute video of his hauntingly beautiful music using this link: To purchase this young man’s hauntingly beautiful CD go to I have no financial interest in this, just passing along some good music.
Peter is now gaining international attention. He has now been booked for a lengthy live tour through the US and Canada this coming summer. Beginning in Vermont, he has performances set for New York, Chicago, Boston and west to Colorado, New Mexico and California (and points in between) before returning to Canada. If he is performing in an area near you, I hope you can get out to see him.
Just checked him out on YouTube. Everyone should watch "Signals" video. Mesmerizing guitar.
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For video of music
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WOW!! I guess I better run out and buy a Pass / Wilson setup so I can hear that one note more better. This is not music! And he had the nerve to say "it was recorded in ONE TAKE" No kidding!! Like he could have made a 'mistake' !! Just so happens that Philip Glass was interviewed on the BBC last night. Those Brits are tough interviewers.

It's interesting to say the least. It reminds me of visiting the aquarium at Monterey Bay in California. It would make nice back ground music at the jellyfish display. I'm not poking fun at you or this music. It sounds more like a sound track to me than something that I could play in my home.
The John Tesh of the 5-string guitar. Sorry, but I don't get the appeal.
That is very pleasant to listen to. Thanks for sharing. Personally when I feel like listening to this type of sound, which I do once in a while but it isn't very often. then I listen to it for 15-20 minutes, then after that it just starts to sound less like music and more like noise to me. It sound like something a bunch of monks might go crazy with.
For a dude that was discovered homeless and barefoot living on a beach, he's at least somewhat original and pretty darn listenable.
Kinda slow moving,did not do much for me.I did enjoy the video of Les Paul doing Sleepwalk which I watched after skimming thru a few of Jacks .Thanks for posting
Kind of boring IMHO. If you enjoy it, that's all that matters.
Gammajo, thank you for the enthusiasm in the discovery music that pushes a button for you; and for your willingness to share and promote. Not everyone will be moved by all music, but a love for the process of discovery doesn't deserve cynicism; IMO.
Thank you Frogman, Tpreaves, Ratheprinter, Rxman, Marqmike, Donjr, and Mateored for your civil and constructive comments.
For me, having thousands of recordings, it is nice to find something different even if it is something that I may listen to only in a certain mood (in this case a contemplative one). For example, I purchased something called minimalist music to see what it was about, in the form of Arvo Part, Alina. It uses the spaces between notes in a very extended way and really can move you when your are in the mood for it, even if most of the time it would be quite irritating after a few minutes.
Another thing that I like to do is re-visit music that I "know" I do not like about every five years. I usually find that I still don't like it, but sometimes I now "get it" and a whole new genera's richness opens to me.
"Thank you Frogman, Tpreaves, Ratheprinter, Rxman, Marqmike, Donjr, and Mateored for your civil and constructive comments."

I think you forgot someone. :)
Thanks Gammajo. I do the same thing with some pieces of music I have that I am not as fond of, I revisit it from time to time. What helps me many times to understand to appreciate the music, if it is coming from a real creative artist and I don't like it as well, is to learn a little more about it especially in the way of seeing it in person in a good venue. So thanks again for sharing.
I revisit music I previously didn't like and there's been a few times when I've been surprised that I didn't like it previously. There was also a time when it opened up the door to a couple of hundred samba, bossa nova and tropicalia artists. It's one of my most cherished genres of my collection.