New artist

Just put a on new disc from a new artist, and I think its likely my favorite of the past year or more.  He is J.S. Ondara. Previously unknown to me, but what a "discovery".  Worth the cost, time, listen, all of it.  Wow.
rpeluso looks intriguing thanks for the rec. Tales of America is in my listening queue now it's on Tidal for anyone else interested.
Four tracks in and I am really digging it! Love Ondara's voice and really nice arrangements and band. Also a good sounding modern recording. Thanks again repulso!
Nice. Thanks for the heads up. A little Tracy Chapman like, in a very good way. I don't get tired of that.
+1 marqmike on Tracy Chapman like.  Interesting micking, he sounds like he has the kind of voice that would sound great live without one.  

Thanks rpeluso,
This guy knows what he’s good at and he sticks with it the entire album. Very clean recording too.