new article inexpensive iso solution


I thought you might enjoy reading about my endevor to tweak my system a bit and eliminate a feedback loop I was experiencing ... on a budget of course. I think I found a solution using conveyor belting, but like everyone says YRMV LOL let me know what you think please.
Great article Jim, can't imagine how many times you picked up the level (and turntable for that matter) for all the trials. Always good to hear a way to cut costs and completely eliminate a problem. If I do end up with a sub i'll certainly look into this , I've always been a Diy'er.

Thanks.... the "wife acceptance factor" wasn't exactly in action during the trials... LOL

I was truly amazed at how well the belting worked... it's quite a find actually...and has universal applications. I just had to investigate, ruminate and experement a bit, and then get Bill Thaman to indulge me. LOL