New arm for Well Tempered TT

I want to replace the arm on my Classic Well Tempered turn table. Any suggestions, past experiences - good or bad? Any info on who provides mounting templates?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Many thanks
Well-tempered offers an upgrade with a fountainhead base, black tonearm and platter upgrade. It makes a huge improvement but for the money you're better off trading up to the reference model. That's what I did. I've never seen a different brand of arm on any well-tempered table.
Years ago Stereophile in its Recommended Components (when that meant more) mentioned that there were reports that the Wheaton arm could work with the Well Tempered, but I have never heard of any other arms with it. Pklieger's suggestion is your best bet, probably better than the many tweaks for this arm (some of which I tried when I owned a WTT years ago).
I have a Well Tempered TT, that I bought in 1988. The only mods is a dampening clamp from Marigo for the tonearm well.

How did you "trade up to the reference model"? Did you make this trade with a dealer or with Well Tempered Labs?

Thanks in advance

A while ago, a fellow named Lary Pederson was offering an extremely cost effective modification to the arm (it was something like $395). I'm not sure if he does this anymore. Anyone have information on this?