New arm DaVinci, TW-Acustic or?

I have three cartridges: Dynavector XV 1t, Koetsu Onyx Platinum and a mono Lyra Titan i. I have a Graham Phantom one with three wands. I have been thinking that my main cartridge is going to be the Dynavector 1t and the Koetsu may be sold. So what two arms would you get for the Dynavector 1t and the Lyra Titan i mono? Note That an Ortfon a90 may also be purchased.

BTW: My TT is TW-Acustic Rave AC 1.

I did try a FR 64 I bought from a friend that turned out had bearing or something noise. It was a big disappointment.
I got excellent results with those carts with FR-64s (mine is in excellent condition, no DIY owner before me), FR-66s and DaVinci Grandezza. But I think, the new 12" Phantom is a real interesting choice. deep soundstage, shocking dynamics, very good and fast energy transfer. Happy Listening.
You have a very pleasant 'problem' :-).

I am using the new Durand Talea which works quite well with my Dynavector XV1-S. Here is the website link: I have heard the tonearm paired with the Ortofon A-90 in two systems, both with excellent results. I have also briefly mounted my Miyajima Mono cartridge and it also sounded terrific. Feel free to email if you have questions.
Second the Talea, it's a superb arm. It easily outplayed any arm I've heard with a ZYX UNIverse. The maker, Joel Durand, is both smart and a very pleasant man to work with.
Doug, Talea #009 has arrived on my table. Polished nickle finish. It matches my black Gavia. :-)

Anyone in New England who would care for a listen, please contact me.

What's a scuffed up country kid doin' with a shiny toy like that? And you even matched colors! Who'da thunk? Don't let Ann know about this, she may start thinking of you as a shopping consultant.

I'm just sure a Talea belongs in a sophisticated setting, you know, with owners who come by their exquisite tastes naturally.

Jealous? Me?


Crazy busy @ work but a trip may be in order...

You can bet a key lime pie that Anne had something to do with the choice between the polished chrome and the nickel. ;-) I mean, I liked it right off the bat, but she surprised me and chimed right in on the look of the nickel. Usually she's like, "whatever".

Hey Richard, don't you have too much to do on that new room? :-)

Yeah, this is turning out to be a very busy summer.
I do, I do. Sometimes, though, you just gotta say...and get away for a day. ;-)

i have a friend that owns the 12" da vinci, triplanar arm, B44 Phantom Mk2, TW Arm, Frank Schroeder 12" arm in a Raven AC.
He said the best arm in general is the Schroder 12" but that took half day of playing around with the different setting. Its the most finicky arm he has ever used.
The 2nd best is the TW arm.
One dealer i spoke even mentioned that he stopped bringing in the Triplanar arm after he used the TW arm. Its really that good.
Only bad news about the TW arm is the long cue.
A friend has been waiting 3 months time & counting.