New ARC REF6se or buy a used ARC Reference 10?

I see that the ARC Reference 10 used, and the new REF6se are both around 17K. I haven't heard comments on a direct comparison of the two ARC preamps. There are obviously big advantages to a one box solution and having fewer tubes to replace. Has anyone heard this comparison or does anyone here have a strong opinion they would share with me?
If the Ref 10 is in excellent condition, it has advantages that the Ref 6se will not have. 
i too would buy the used ref 10 as long as it is really good shape with no issues
Well, thanks guys. I did just that. Bought a used REF 10. It will be replacing a rolled Rogue RP 7. I will let you know what it sounds like after I get it shipped here and heated up. Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks to wire transfers and UPS overnight I just installed a used 2018 ARC Reference 10, replacing my rogue RP 7 with Mazda NOS tubes. It is in perfect shape, literally two little marks on the clear plastic tops. It is warming up from its flight from LA, and I'm smitten with it's immediate strengths in MY system. I do need to mention that at 16% of the refs price the Rogue has NOTHING to be bashful about, and I recommend the RP7 to any audiophiles going up the ladder!

 That said, I hear the following with the REF 10 in MY system: the Wilson Sasha 2s are very happy, depth of imaging, specificity of the image, remarkable bass tone, not overblown just there and right, I don't know how to say that any better, fine detail without any edge ( each recording tells the tale of its own brightness or musicality), but all I've heard sound good, even recordings I know to be difficult. I won't say the veil thing, (I just kind of did though) but I do feel like I moved closer to the stage. Although the reviews said differently I was expecting a more tubey sound, but its not that way. Its a true blend of SS and tube sound(I felt that to a lesser degree with the Rogue RP7), a detailed SS sound with tonal beauty. The touch screen and user interface is super easy to use and is very cool, I was worried that it would be tacky but its not IMO. In totality I can't unhear the overall wonderful sound and could not now go without it. The final thing I have noticed on my honeymoon night is that I can lower or increase the volume and the sound does not change. I have NEVER had that in any rig, and its going to be great as I don't need to push my ears or the patience of my wife to hear a better sound. Thanks to those who contributed to my threads about preamps. I am grateful
 for your insights. I have that peaceful easy feeling of a great decision tonight! What a remarkable technical and artistic
 achievement! Thank you ARC!