new ARC preamps

I see that Audio Research is going back to the SP format with phono stage

I saw a new piece SP-16 (I think)
It was all rca connections, even pre amp out

Looked nice, sounded nice for the little time I had to evaluate it and best of all only $2900

any comments from others on this piece and how it compares to their ls line

The main thing here, Tom, is ARC going back to the 12AX7 tube. Appearently Johnson has been taken with the Electro Harmomix 12AX7-EH tube. The full price as I understood it to be, was $2495.00 with phono. It has been too long since a "full" preamp with phono, and tubes, and a FAIR price was offered by this company. From its knobless facia to it's new look (for ARC), this could be something to get excited about. I hear from friends, its wonderful. Hope its true.......Frank

my audio shop friends say it's nice for the price but no Ls5

at least it has single ended inputs

I am going to spend a fortune getting cheater plugs for my ls5 upgrade