New ARC amp --- REF-75

Soon to be released is ARC's forthcoming REF-75. I discovered the amp on where Paul Bolin has a rave review. Here's the link:

ARC will have a prototype of the REF-75 at the S.H.O.W. in Newport Beach (California) the first weekend in June. I'm going to the show and will report back here on my impressions. If the amp sounds half as good as it looks it will be a sure classic and a total winner. Check Bolin's review and be sure to click on his links. You'll see one of the driving force's at ARC, Warren Gehl ... with details on his home system and some of the classic ARC gear he owns. Nirvana!
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If it sounds as good as it looks, it will be a killer. Keep us posted!
This Reference 75 amplifier is likely going to be a big seller for Audio Research.75 watts is enough for many speakers and it seems to have a strong power supply(drives the Wilson Sasha and Magnaplanar). Couple this with a simple circuit with the KT 120 tube.The cost is within 'reasonable' reach for folks also.
If it's capable driving the Tympanis, it should be enough for all other speakers except perhaps the Scintillas.
Can't wait to try this one.
Vinw ... If you read Paul Bolin's article/review at Audiobeat, you'll see a link that brings you to Warren Gehl's home system. He has the Tympani's and drove them with no problems at all.
Also, I just wrote a separate article here on my impressions of the REF-75 that I heard in Newport Beach. It was driving a pair of Wilson Sasha's, 87db ... and was just coasting. It has the same power supply as the REF-110.