New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing

I've had my eye on the new Anthem line-up recently. But I'm torn between the AVM70 processor only vs the MRX740 receiver.  

The receiver offers pre outs for all the channels I'd need.  So I wouldn't really use the amps in the receiver. 

BUT, MRX 's resell is going to be much better because it's all-in-one - fewer demand for the AVM, and the AVM is $1000 more.

So, are the internals of the AVM really all that much better? And how much difference would you really notice on multichannel movie playback?

Thoughts on this?
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Good lord, has this chicken pecked anyone else’s toes on here?
Only the unfounded, ignorant, and/or conspiracy theory toes. They piss me off. Too many kenjit-like conspiracy commandos around here already and don’t need any more so best to nip it in the bud. It’s way overplayed and tiresome.
I don’t get it, why are you guys fighting? Just buy what you prefer.

Original question is still relevant, it would be interesting if someone did a direct comparison between processor and receiver purely for sound quality.
I don’t get it, why are you guys fighting?

Me either and I'm the OP.  He basically threw shade that I would even ask the stupid question in the first place and said something about my crappy system.  I guess that's up for debate but, the question was never really answered.  What makes the AVM $1000 better than the MRX?  Especially when most movies are bloated soundtracks never meant to sound natural, flat, or whatever.  Why spend more on the dacs when the original signal is known to be over-processed in the first place?  Or am I totally wrong?  I'm not sure, which is why I posted.  I didn't want to argue but I also won't be bullied by a fool.

OP. He basically threw shade that I would even ask the stupid question in the first place and said something about my crappy system. I didn’t want to argue but I also won’t be bullied by a fool.
Man, you really are dense.  And simply holding someone accountable for their own words isn’t bullying.  It’s not the question you asked, it was the unfounded, ignorant statements and accusations accompanying your question (that I highlighted above so won’t re-copy that crap here) that I didn’t let pass, and you don’t like being held responsible for your silly statements so you keep pushing it. If you just asked the question without the additional stupidity there wouldn’t be any problem, but if you say something stupid here you best be ready to be called out on it. Or just don’t make any more ignorant, unsupported accusations or assertions, if that’s at all possible for you.

Omg dude go away!  You have done zero to answer the question.  And yes I have some ignorance here, that's why I asked the question in the first place.  But unsupported accusations and assertions?  You literally said this "hodgepodge little system" not having any idea what I own.  You're trying to system shame people now?  

Still haven't got a good answer from you.  I assume you don't know?  Have you ever even owned an anthem product?