New and improved Diamond Back Oil!!!

NanoFlo tm RFI inhibiting Power Cable with 10 year warranty. Standard lenghts $1500.00

This unassuming plain jane power cable (in final production stage) outperforms those costing thousands more, and it does it with our unique, exclusive Nano technology available only at NanoFlo. You can't see our technology but you will hear the difference. No fake coverings, caps or lights sticking out, just quality you can hear. 

Backed with a 30-day money back Guarantee!

Ever had your intelligence insulted?
Check this out, an Agon member had a gentleman's agreement to put their name to nano-flo (nanoflo), to be the distrubutor.
First day of release the price of the product doubled on the website, some may say it's a money grab at the expense of gullible audiophiles, maybe not?

Then the release of this stupendous overnight engineered in house audiophile power cable with an exceptional 10 years warranty, and money back guaranty, bargain at $1500.00!!

Unfortunately the distributor who some may know, had the rug pulled out from under, for suggesting this money grab from (possibly guillable, you decide for yourselves) the audiophile community was a bit rich, a bit much.

I made sure the entire site was scanned by the wayback machine before I posted this, you know, for those who want to question the veracity of this post.


@facten - got a spare five mil brov?
@sheridd2 - K fully had your back mate, gave almost the last of the money back to you sir. You should be honored by this classy seller mate. PM me if you have any questions.

That cant work Rick cause you do not need a pipe bender to incorporate the power cord in you system.

Hell you do not even need a conduit way that's real.

@jerryg123 - right!??
I regret ever endorsing it. But from the same producer, you can get a Lamborghini motor instantly transformed in your Ford Mustang! Hey presto.


Who priced THAT cable at THAT price? I’m not a contact enhancer kinda guy I was just curious who this new person Nano-flo/Chris was. Is this his cable?

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Per @twoleftears it is also on eBay:


This just gets weirder and weirder.

PC with molded plug and connector, some kind of small choke device and labels.  Price slashed from $1500 to $1000.  What a bargain!!!!

Seller has 100% positive feedback, as far as I can see mainly selling coins.


@ebm "So you say could be jive."
I am sorry, I totally don’t get it. American slang?

@jasonbourne52 - yes please buy and report on this bargain reduced price power cable.

The $1500 cables are now $1000 and it will suppress RFI better that $3500 power cables, guaranteed. - manufacturer (if you can believe he has a cord manufacturing factory)

@ghasley- it comes with a case, looks to be of the same caliber of engineering as the power cord, and I must confess that I did overlook the free shipping.

@lanx0003 - do yourself a favor, don't buy the generic power cord with nano-flo smeared on it for $1500, $1000 or anything over $100.

The Diamondback, or Diamondback Rattlesnake, a type of pit viper. People refer to two species of rattlesnakes as “Diamondbacks,” the Eastern and the Western.

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@twoleftears - I am trying to let people know what's actually going on so that people don't get fleeced by him.

I doubt he even knows this particular thread even exists, he's barely new on Agon.
Now I'm regretting that I ever endorsed the product, even though I spoke the truth about it, the regret is that such ambition has proven to be the seeds of greed in this case.

The cable is most probably UL listed, it was probably purchased at his local hardware store. I say that, because after Krissy suggested selling treated power cables and fuses after he pulled the DIY product from market, he obtained it so very quickly, that even an online purchase is less than likely. Krissy who is not a heartless opportunist, questioned both the choice of power cord, and even more so the ridiculous price gouging.

PS. I loved that Amazon cable video and watched another video from that same guy. Thanks for introducing me to his videos, I'm going to check more out. Cheers bro.

NanoFlo cables produce clean power to your audio devices that literally blow the competition’s doors off. 

I wonder how all the competitors feel about not having any doors.

Is the product explosive to cause this, or does it create a tornado grade wind to accomplish this?

 Regardless of male/female ends, I'd still like see directional arrows at that price.

For an exorbitant fee, I’m sure he could accommodate you, using one of these.

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