Velly intaresting!

My brother-in-law and fellow audiophile just clued me into this alleged new analog recording & reproduction process. There’s really not a lot of information to go on for this Pinnacle method. It sounds a little like Mobile Fidelity’s Ultradisc One-Step process stamped on aluminum discs, rather than PVC. I’d be interested in learning what advantages, if any, aluminum would have over PVC LP’s. One question I would have for Mr. T Bone is: why have an old croaker like Mr. Zimmerman re-record some of his music to debut this alleged new process? Even in his prime, Mr. Zimmerman wasn’t exactly noted for being an accomplished musician or a fine vocalist. Now, he seems to have learned how to keep his guitars in tune and stay in key, for the most part, but he sounds more like an old bullfrog than ever. Don’t get me wrong! I love Dylan! I’ve got some of his older albums. However, his "music", so to speak, was always about his powerful lyrics; not musicianship. Those lyrics, simple tunes that any backyard guitarist could play and sing and the 60’s are what propelled him to the Pinnacle of fame.

The HDvinyl process of using a laser to cut a spiral groove in a ceramic disk to make a stamper good for thousands of vinyl pressings without degradation would be a major advance in analog mastering! NO MORE LACQUERS!

They’re just lacquers. The only difference that I can sus out is that the lacquer is applied to an aluminum disc vs lacquer all the way through. In other words, it’s more of a hybrid than something new.


Actually regular lacquers are in fact an aluminum disc that is coated with lacquer; there are no lacquers made that don’t have the aluminum disk inside. The Appollodisk plant burned down a few years ago and is looking like it won’t get rebuilt so now the only source of product like this comes from a guy in his late 80s working out of a garage in Japan.