New amps with SP Tech Revelations

Hi. I have a fairly mid-to-large sized music room/HT that measures 15.25' x 23' x 10'. My main system (in fact my entire 2 channel and 5.1 system) is SP Tech. My front mains are the large Revelation MR1 Mark IIIs (with custom external Mundorf crossovers). I currently enjoy them being driven by a pair of Spectron Musician III Mark II monoblocks, using prototype Elrod remote sense speaker cables. I like the sound very much; don't get me wrong. I am just itching to try other amps, hear if other amps might bring a smidge more warmth, air and tonality (hopefully not at the expense of limiting the dynamics vs these multi-thousand watt class D puppies) and wondering what folks thought about the Pass XA.5 series, for example. The Revs are 4-Ohms and are 88dB @ 1W/1M (and 91dB @ 2.83V/1M) efficient. Most conclude that they love all the power they can handle; they are very very quick and dynamic speakers that will fill a large space. I am an imaging and soundstage depth fan, as well as love deep powerful bass. I say this cuz I don't think tube amps are in my future, but never say never I guess. I run either a Modwright dual mono LS 36.5 two box streo pre, or the Wyred STP SE (depending on mood).

Anyway, with these specs, with the size of my room, and with the fact that I love anything from Cassandra Wilson to Radiohead, do you think a pair of XA60.5's would be enough to audition, or should I go for the 100.5 or 160.5 sizes. The audition/demo from a place like Reno, for example, will cost me a few hundred dollars in shipping and restocking should I not keep them, so I'd just as soon demo the right size/fit. I'm not sure I want to even afford the 160.5's, for example. :)

I'm open to other suggestions, but the Revelation owners/listeners list is pretty short, and a few use Spectrons already. They will win all ties, that's for sure. Thanks in advance....
IF you wanna try something different try the apl ua-s4.
It can drive pretty much anything. I used to own spectron iiise with vtl7.5 and the apl is far superior imho. Comes with money back guarantee if not satisfied.
Thanks...but it seems to be only "your" amp; i.e. nowhere else on the Web is it mentioned except by you (on APl forum and here). And I'm in the US and Alex is in Eastern Europe. It also seems to be an integrated...not at all what I'm looking for. Thanks though.
Hi Ted i agree its not in big circulation but if you read more on apl forum youll find more users. When volume is turned up full its bypassed and works like regular amp, you can order it without volume as well. Apl will ship to us no problem and alex visits california to do local upgrades as well. Its not huge company and if you own sp tech or used to dealing with smaller operators. So soundwise im certain it sound be an upgrade for you and as i said if your not happy with how it sounds you can just return it for a full refund.