New amps for Classe Wilson system

I moved a year ago to a new house where i did not have room for my system to be set up. System was Classe SSP800, Parasound JC1 amps, Wilson Sophia 2 speakers and Transparent Reference MM cables. I loved the system and miss it a LOT.

I'm now adding on to the house and will have room for the system again. I still have everything but the amps which I sold for some fast cash.

Before I go back and buy JC1s again, does anyone have any other suggestions on good amps for my system? Would like to keep the price below 10k and prefer solid state.
Stick with what you know and love IMO. The JC1s are the one part of my system that I do not consider changing, they are fantastic amps.
I recently asked a similar question and received the following recommendations: Cary CAD-200 or Cary SA 200.2. I haven't heard either amp, but I'm trying to find a local dealer to compare my Densen B-350's to the Cary amps.
I ran the Classe' SSP-800 with Wilson Sasha W/P's and Center 2 and used Transparent Ref XL MM2 with a Krell Evo 403 (and later 403e, the sound was insanely good, and thanks to a tanked market these amps can be had for cheap used....... I suspect it would make your Sophia's sing like you didn't know they could, and will awe you with the depth they CAN go to, at least it did with the Sasha's!
Used BAT VK-600se. Tons of power and a great match with the Wilson speakers. Probably only around half your budget. I used the JC-1s for a couple years and prefer the weight and body with equal detail the BAT amp offers.
Thanks for your suggestions. I think i need to do some auditioning!