New Amps Arrived...

Just got my new amps installed in my system, Pass 260.8 mono's. They are replacing my ML333 snd I am very happy at the moment, everything that I lost as the ML was failing is back with a vengence. Currently running it though it's paces, trying all my music that I am very familiar with and then some. They were demo's so already burned in, allowed them to warm up for an hour (recommended by Pass), actually left the room and let them play.

The weekend is going to be crap here, so I will be spending a lot of time listening here. I am hoping that this is not 'new car syndrone' but I guess only time will tell. I can not recall hearing the Hawks sound so dynamic on such a wide selection of generes.

Anybody familiar with these amps and can suggest something that might challenge them so I can fully appreciate what they can do? Off to Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here shortly, currently Dire Straits, then maybe some more Jazz and back to some classical. So far I like everything I hear....
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Orchestral music with a large choral part. I haven't heard any system that can make all that information sound real- but then I don't have a 4-box speaker system (separate subs and mid-tweeters) or 4 mono blocks or a recording that can capture all that sound. I think, short of a dedicated room and all-out audio crazy-world system and a master tape, you're better off flying to NYC, getting tickets to Lincoln Center, 10th row, center section, and making sure you're not getting over a cold.
Fortunately the Hawks were designed just for that type of playback, as I am not a big fan, I have a couple of selections to try but I am sure there are much better examples than I what I have on hand.
O-Zone percussion jazz variants or Charlie Byrd direct to disc side one should get your dishes rattling.
The Planets - Montreal Symphony/Charles Dutoit - London

The bass on Saturn will demo their power.
Nina Simone:  little girl blue
dire straits: brother in atms
mary black: Columbus (really good stand up bass)
+1 for Montreal / Dutoit  , a monster power-house .
So you're now driving $3250 speakers with $10k worth of amps?  Don't get me wrong as I'm a big fan of Totem speakers, but dude!  Time for a speaker upgrade maybe?

Anyway, get Rush Stages if you really want a blow-your-doors-off experience.  Forget which song it is, but on one of them Neal Pearl launches into a long drum solo that is just monsterous and recorded live.  It's epic!  It will show off the best of your speakers and amps. 
Shahinian Hawks.... 3250..I wish
I wish as well. They are truly great speakers, but not inexpensive.
But an upgrade is notout of the question.. Diapason Ensemble perhaps
Cool speakers! You don't see many running Shahinians and certainly not the Hawks. You may not listen to classical but they are the perfect soundstaging speakers for classical music. Congrats on your new amps!
Thanx, yes designed for classical but equally good with jazz 
I have had many Totem speakers: Mani 2’s (multiple pairs for a couple different rooms), Arros, and Model 1’s and they were very good, The hawks and forest speakers are also nice. With those amps, a move up would be to the Winds if you want to stay with Totem. 
Sweet amps!  I had a pair of XA-160.5's that, to this day, I regret selling.  One of the best amps I've ever owned. 

I was a Totem dealer and was very fond of Vince's work.
Not Totem Hawks,  Shahinians Hawks
Not Totem Hawks, Shahinians Hawks

Even better  :-)
Tool undertow or aenima. From undertow try bottom or flood. From aenima try eulogy or 46 and 2. Great dynamics and bass for days!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS  on your new amps!
Nice pieces..
Hope they work for your system..

I play a lot of Reggae,,
“The Elovaters”,,
for something new and relaxing..

”Soulwise” - Fade away
is a great song by a very soulful local reggae band..

It's a bit outside the other suggestions but if you can get it try Mezzanine (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) by Massive Attack - first track Angel.  Another interesting one is Miles Gurtu 1st track Golden Rust.
Well, is is currently raining and cold here so I will be heading back up into the cave to start running through some of the suggestions. I thank everyone who sent me a suggestion of something to listen to. Some I have never heard of, so hopefully I I will find tracks that I can explore further.

Again, thanx to everybody, and will let you know how it goes. 
King Crimson-Live In Vienna,
3 drummers with 3 drum kits, should be a good test.

Snarky Puppy - " Shofukan " or " Lingus " 
Yello -  "Tool of Love"
Deep Forest " Will You Be Ready"  

Good exercise for your amp and speakers... 

Happy listening ! 
Sleep! Track Dopesmoker it will challenge your gear. Or if you want to go classical All of Bach's pipe organ music will fit the bill. I have those amps myself I will never go back to tube amps.
Happy Listening
"So you're now driving $3250 speakers with $10k worth of amps?"

That;s what I do.  I have thought a few times of "upgrading" speakers but I am so happy with mine I bought  a new KTM300 instead.  :')  

I'm currently driving Revel F208's with my 260.8' I couldn't be happier...... Until my dealer that I have a great relationship with said" hey why don't you take the Audio Physic Tempo plus speakers home this weekend and try them out"? OMG! Speaker.prices don't always dictate performance. The Revels are 5k and the Tempos are 6.5k. I hate this never ending "upgradeitis" syndrome.
OH BTW stevea congratulations on your new amps! You won't be disappointed.

Wow, amazing amplifiers!

  Motörhead will make those amps come alive

You’ll be short of power...

The first thing you noticed after converting from ML is?   
Sounded like you speakers added 2 more woofers!?
That was my first response when converting from Class D amps.

You will enjoy your purchase!


Randy Crawford- No Regrets
Sade- Soldier of Love
Ben Webster- Soulville
Walter Wolfman Washington- My Future is My Past

Go find your favorite or any review of your amp, read it and write down what the reviewer found to help challenge it in his review process.  If you have a DAC and a source then you should be able to find several options. Same for your speaker review. Also what power cords are you using?? I find Tara Labs RSC opened up my Pass amp in spades without breaking the bank
Pass and the dealer recommended I stay with supplied power cords and NOT to put on a power conditioner. The reasoning seem sound, as the amps were voiced using it that was. I did go against their advice by upgrading the power cables but might swap back to stock to see if there is anything to it.

Coming into a second weekend and I am hoping for an extended listening session rather than the single day I had last. I have noted every recommendations and have already listened to a few and plan to dive deeper into the list. 

The thing I have noticed first with the change, first yes, they are not as powerful as the ML and the volume setting on the pre is up higher to bring it to the same listening levels, but other than being a number, no impact.

Secondly, the bass impact, speed is something that I have missed since the ML and is not back with a vengeance. Clarity of the hf is something I am still trying to define, maybe it is more a striking separation of different instruments or perhaps a greater separation has caused me to take notice.

More after this weekend..

I agree with french_fries, I miss my youth living near NYC and then Boston, where I could hear incredibly good classical music and jazz in live venues. I have a dedicated listening room and high-end gear, but it is not the same. See, "Nine Concerts in Seven Days at the World’s Most Famous Concert Hall" -

stevea1298..."Secondly, the bass impact, speed is something that I have missed since the ML and is not back with a vengeance."

Hi Steve, did you mean to say the bass impact and speed is back with a vengeance or are you saying the Pass mono's do not have the bass impact of the MLs?
The Emerald Physics 2.8 won a TAS award (MSRP $9995)

I have the KCIIs and am more impressed with each cable upgrade

The volume level of the pre-amp to drive a amp to a sound level equal to a different amp is a function of the amps input impedance not the power of the amp. The fact it plays the same level, takes the same power regardless of brand of amp
 Marvin,  Don't listen to what people say about the speaker's . who need's it   i like the amps   i would be happy  listen on  $1000  Speks.   who makes rules  anyway  enjoy 

Sorry, it was early when I wrote that, was probable one one cup awake. The bass response from the amps is I feel better than the ML. My replacement amp after the ML died and before I got the Pass did not have much in that area so the difference is quite large.
Let me know how these guys work out for you.
I have a INT-60 and want a set of monos for the main room, using the preamp outs to the big stuff , Pioneer S-1ex’s.