New Amplifier

Has anyone experience with Sunfire Symphonic . Load Invariant? Reference amplifier. rated at 250 per channel.
is this enough to get some punch out of a pair of Vandersteen 2CIs.

a Van Alsyne transcendance preamp and Adcom 5300 sounds clean and loud, can only play up to 10 or 11 oclock, a third of volumn dial. but no bass or drum punch.?

Bass and drum punch a plenty with my Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 550. Good to 2 ohms! If you live near Atlanta I'll bring it over for you to try if you wish.
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depends on your speakers and room. great amp though.
Bob reynolds response about impedence made me try a different output on my Van Alstyne preamp. I switched my cd player from tape to spare and a new better quality cable.
It made a huge difference.
Im a bit skeptical about cable and wire claims,
should there be that much difference between outputs?

Now I wonder if would a newer preamp with a cd/dvd output be even better?

thanks all.
i couldnt pass up the deal on the sunfire amp.
I cant believe an amplifier can make that much difference.

lower end full and deep and loud.
voice / piano higher end not as harsh / bright
altogether more balanced from low to high.

separation of individual instruments is unbelievable.
what i thought was electric piano? is a harp!!

are carver preamps as good as the Symphonic reference?