New Amp/Pre or Integrated for P3ESR 40th Anniversary

I'm looking for an upgrade for my little Harbeth's that are residing in a second listening room (aka The Dark Room).  Currently they are hooked up to an old Rotel RX-1052 that I can't part ways with, but I think something a bit nicer could add some enjoyment.

I'm considering a Hegel H160, a NAIM NAC 152 XS & NAP 155 XS PREAMP/POWERAMP on sale at Upscale Audio, or perhaps a the new little McIntosh hybrid integrated.  I'm not wedded to any of these.  Also, an older Peachtree NovaSE 125 is sitting around (could sell it!) that might work but doesn't seem like an upgrade to the Rotel.  

I listen to a variety of music, including rock, hip hop, jazz, classical, singer/songwriter acoustic and many more.  I'm not your standard "sound like live music" audiophile, I just like to be wowed, hear detail and dynamics, appropriate bass, and just overall sound enjoyable. 

Thank you! 
I own those speakers. They sound great with my tube gear ( Quicksilver ). If you want an integrated should check out this Rogue all tube integrated! My friend uses a Rogue integrated with his P3s and they sound outstanding.